Overdue update

Sorry for the late update. I know I missed a week. We were short staffed from the 12th of April through this past Monday the 25th. I spent almost all of that time working on orders and left a lot of the paperwork, and updates, to pile up until we were back to full strength. We have started working on the C3 versions of the Kingston deliveries. The first two C3s were completed last week (ending April 22nd). As of the 22nd we had completed the orders up to and including C15 and #36. This update does not include the watches in process this week.

Here is pic from the regulation of a custom Kingston. Although the 6 position average did not change much I took time to reduce the positional deltas so that the watch will run more consistently around the average rate. Although the picture only shows me having taken two readings, in reality the process took much longer it would appear as I only recorded the beginning and final set of readings from the Vibrograf.






In addition with being short staffed last week we wrapped up the first 50 BG W9 Kingstons. I left a few too many of the watches that required re-work toward the end of the batch. That added time to the process and meant I spent more time at the bench than I had expected that week. Here you see 3 watches become 2. The watch on the very left had a good movement but one of the lugs was scratched. It was fully assembled because I hadn't noticed the scratch until the final review of the watch. The watch in the middle had a bad movement. The amplitude was too low. Just a random defect in the assembly that was identified during a check of the regulation. This was the only watch we encountered in the first batch of 50 with this issue. The watch on the far left had a case of bad hand alignment.

The movement in the watch on the far left was moved into the case of the watch in the middle. The watch on the far right I had to un-case and reset the hands. The watch on the far left had been destined to my personal watch but was sacrificed for the sake of staying on schedule. I actually haven't allocated or built a Kingston for myself yet, although I have been wearing one of the pre-production samples.

This week I finally began the process of preparing the next batch of Kingston cases and assorted components for their trip to Switzerland.These will be the date dialed Kingstons and if there is time I will squeeze in the next batch of BG W9 non-date Kingstons. We'll see how the QC of the dials and hands, and the modification of the movements goes on Sunday.

Also in the picture are the last 50 Sea Fighter cases that we are prepping for the same trip.