Domain name shuffling (UPDATE)

We will be moving around the domain names tomorrow. As of 3 pm EST (March 8th, 2011) the changeover has been initiated. - will be re-directed from the e-commerce site so that it points to what is now the blog. You may have trouble reaching this site during the day today until the propogation is complete. - will remain active and will point to what is now the blog. This URL isn't affected by the shuffling around so you should use this for the time being. - this is a new domain that will be the new home of the e-commerce shop.

The best way to reach either of the Mk II sites tomorrow will be by using

It will take us some time to fix the links on what is now the blog site. In addition the changes to the domains make takes several days to completely propogate over the Internet.

Thanks in advance for your patience during this transition.

General Newsadmin