Delivery Update: Pre-Basel

Here is the report of the Kingtons delivered before I left for Basel, Switzerland. I did not get a chance to file this report before I left as I was, among other things, busy re-ordering instruction manuals and travel boxes so that they would be ready upon my return to the US. When I left on my trip we had about 6 instruction manuals and 1 carton left of the watch boxes. I believe that we have completed through number 23 of the pre-built and C10 of the customs. I am not 100% sure because I am doing this from memory and do not have the delivery schedule at hand. For the pace of deliveries I believe that we can increase the number of Kingstons shipped out per week. What you have seen on a weekly basis is still below my target pace. One of the reasons for the sudden increase in the lead times for the Swiss Made watches listed on the e-boutique was to allow me more time to work on Kingstons in April.