Fix for Order Status Portal issues...

We have been getting feedback from customers that they aren't able to log in to the system. I have tested the system myself several times without being able to recreate the issue. However we did want to make everyone aware that we are investigating the issue. Please send e-mails or leave me a voicemail for urgent issues as I will be short staffed until Monday. Feb 14th, 2010: Follow-up...

With the help of a very nice customer who identified IE8.0 as the source of the login problems I was able to figure out that the issue revolves around the privacy settings for IE 8.0. As far as I can tell our system does not actually pose any danger to your privacy and the problem has more to do with an over-active privacy filter. (For example if you link directly to our order status portal IE 8.0 will allow you to login.) The blog is framed around the order status portal. This means you are actually looking at two different sites at the same time when you visit the order status portal through the e-boutique or the blog. This simplifies navigation for our customers but apparently IE8.0 does not like this. There are three solutions (we are looking into updating the code so that you won't have to do this but in the meantime...):

  1. Use FireFox, Safari or another browser other than IE8.0 to use the order status portal. Even using an older version of IE is okay.
  2. Change your privacy settings by going to menu bar on your IE8.0 browser window Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>and change your setting from the default "Medium" to "Low". Please note that this may have un-intended consequences for your privacy when visiting other sites on the web.
  3. Alternatively you can: Go to the menu bar on your IE8.0 browser window Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>Sites> and adding "" to your "allowed" managed sites. This will allow you to leave IE8.0 privacy filter in its default "Medium" setting.

I will see if I can provide a visual tutorial on how to adjust your IE browser but in the meantime I hope this helps.

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