Delivery pause

As you can tell this is not a Kingston. Kingstons will resume shipping next week. I am very close to clearing out the backlog of non-Kingston custom orders that are central to the operational restructuring. Given that there is about 1 more week's worth of orders to clear and the restructuring is 4 weeks behind schedule I have determined that it is better at this point to focus on finishing this part of the restructuring so that we can finally begin working on a more regular schedule.

The issue with the custom orders has always been that you have to work straight through the order to operate most efficiently, otherwise important steps during the build process get overlooked. I have been building the custom orders side by side with the Kingstons for about 7 weeks now but the multi-tasking and constant stop/start nature of this tactic is needlessly slowing both groups of deliveries down. Given the short duration of the pause I think the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the costs. By clearing out these remaining orders in the queue it will allow me to focus better on the Kingston deliveries and the administrative side of the restructuring.