Welcome to the new "blog"

Thanks to a good friend of mine we have a new and much more powerful "blog". I put the word blog in quotes because it is much much more than just a blog now. This new revamped site is what is termed in the industry as a brand site, which will give us a much more sophisticated platform to keep customers informed and hopefully entertained. A few more minor tweaks are ahead. These will include:

  1. As soon as we can get the name servers updated our main URL www.mkiiwatches.com will actually point you to this location
  2. The www.blogmkiiwatches.com will be re-directed to the www.mkiiwatches.com URL
  3. A new sub-domain will be created for the E-boutique
  4. For the next few weeks there will be two links active to the same order status portal. The new and the old both connect to the same database so it doesn't matter which one you elect to use. The old link will be come inactive as soon as we update the e-commerce site.

Practically speaking this should not effect your ability to find us on the web but we wanted to keep you informed. I still have to talk to my IT guys but I hope to have these details squared away by the end of this week.

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