Stem update

I have a good feel for the range of stem lengths that the watches require. Given that I am trying a different tack. I have pre-cut, glued, and lubricated 4 crown/stem assembles. Each stem is 0.05 mm longer than the previous one, allowing me to cover the range of lengths I have encountered. Technically I should be able to try one stem after another until I get an optimal fit. I have tried this method on a few watches and so far so good.

Usually you cut the stems so that there is a small gap between the top of the case tube and the crown. With that visual cue its relatively easy for an experienced person. Because the tube on this type of tube/crown assembly is always covered to some degree by the crown there is no clear visual guide as to how long the stem should be. The method described above should allow me to over come this issue and work more quickly.

I expect that we will be able to increase the volume of watches shipped per week. I do not know at this time the pace that we will be able to sustain.