Kingston Delivery

Shipments will start ramping up this week. I had to take an involuntary break last week from shipments in general due to the fatigue from the holiday schedule catching up with. A note that deliveries will be shipped as quickly as I can manage. The reason we gave everyone "numbers" rather than a definitive shipment date has two reasons:

* Shipping such a large number of orders and with the variety of combinations available, scheduling everyone based on a hard ship date would have only invited disappointment. There are just too many orders and variables involved for hard deadlines. * I wanted to go through the watches to identify any lurking issues that usually crop up when we start delivering in volume. In the Kingstons case the primary issue has to do with stem lengths, a minor and manageable issue. The tolerances for a functional stem length of this type of crown/tube assembly are unusually small. A little too long and the crown will "re-engage" the movement and resume winding the movement when the crown is almost closed. If the stem is too short it will skip the winding position and go to the 2nd position when you unscrew the crown.

The tolerance for a normal crown/tube assembly is about 0.05 - 0.10 mm. For the Kingston the tolerance is 0.0-0.03 mm based on the watches I have done so far. Based on these tolerances and the fact that we had some issues with the manufacture of the case tubes means that I will hand cutting each stem to fit every watch. Hopefully as I finish more watches a consistent ideal length will reveal itself but at the moment the ideal length varies with each watch. The difficulty I have encountered with the stem length is probably why you do not see this type of assembly on more watches.

An interesting note, I tested a watch with its crown open to 200 meters and it passed. That is extraordinary given that was not part of the crown's specifications. However please note that that is not a guarantee because I won't be testing each watch to 200 meters with its crown open. I just did the one watch to see what would happen.