Kingston Non-dates are here!

The non-date Kingston C3 and BGW9 watches are here! This is the first batch of 100 watches (50 of each type). If you received the e-mail about submitting your parts kit orders you are in this first batch. We are sending out a second batch of the non-dates and the first batch of date dialed Kingstons to the assembler in January. The watches will be going out to the first 100 pre-order customers that ordered a non-date BGW9 or non-date C3 watch. I realize that this isn't going to cover all of the Plankowners but this is the most efficient method to deliver as many watches as quickly as possible. However, this process still covers the vast majority of the Plankowners.

The watches arrive here in a semi-finished state. This is done so that we minimize process oriented damage to the cases and bracelets and to ensure the best alignment possible for the bezel and dial. The watches still need to be verified for timing and to have the protective coating removed. Shipments are expected to begin next week and the process to get the first 100 out the door will take several weeks to complete.