Kingston Test Assembly: Part 3B

A look at the inside of the Kingston and the final stages of assembly. In this first pic you see the under-appreciated movement ring. The Kingston movement ring is clamped into the case body rather than using a metal or plastic ring that relies on the case back to hold the movement in place. This more complicated case construction method is more secure and lasts longer than the compression type movement rings normally found at this price range. This caseing method also leads to better time keeping.

A picture of the front of the watch. The installation of the bezel comes next. I always do the bezel installation last so that I can line the bezel up with the dial more precisely.

Now the final regulation of the movement.

Here is a peak at my notes from the regulation. I don't normally publish this information as the accuracy on the bench always varies a little with the timing experienced in the real world due to factors such as how much the watch is worn and temperature. After a number of years of experience it seems that +5 seconds a day, averaged across the positions, seems to be ideal for a new movement of this grade. The positional deltas are also particularly good on this movement. If you look back to the first post where I did the first QC of the movement you will see that the timing has changed after the movement has been cased. The movements always perform differently after they are cased.

Now getting ready for the bezel installation. The key components below: bezel inlay, water proof double sided tape, and the bezel itself.

After some tweaks to the retention spring and the click spring the bezel is mounted using a crystal press.

And now a final cleaning of the inside of the case body and a final check of the screws to make sure everything is tight before we close up the case back.

The watch easily passed its final water resistance tests and the bracelet can finally be attached. It took a few days to finalize spare parts kit with the cusomer and get it together before shipment.

When it was finally ready to go it was a little too late in the day and I wanted to get the watch in the mail. As a result I forgot to snap a final picture of the whole package.