Kingston test assembly Part 2 of 3

The first Kingston is a non-date gilt dial watch so the day/date bits and pieces have to go

I have removed the day of the week wheel, date of the month wheel, the gear that drives the quick adjustment, and the gear that powers the instantaneous date change.

Here are two close-ups of the movement with the extraneous parts removed.

I have decided that it best to include the parts that I removed with the watch for the Plank Owners and the 2nd stage customers that ordered parts kits.

I abbreviated today’s post as I am working on the final QC for the BGW9 non-date gilt Kingstons that will be on their way to Switzerland for assembly. I finished up the dials this afternoon and am checking the lume of the hands right now. I got a little carried away and spent more time than I planned working on the QC of the parts. The good news of course is that we are that much closer to shipping the parts out.

I just tried to post to WUS only to find the site down. I will try again tomorrow morning.