Kingston Update: September 1st

Having received the first batch of parts we have been and continue to review the parts and begin the process of organizing the parts in preparation for the trip to the assembler. The first batch of parts should be ready to leave here by the end of next week. As many of you already know the orders for the Plank Owners and the Second stage have been entered into the ticket system. At the moment we are working on the serial numbers and organizing the orders in order to figure out the order in which we will be delivering the watches. The ticket system will be updated with this information as soon as it is ready.

I expect to begin test assemblies of the Kingston over the Labor Day weekend. This will determine what adjustments will have to be made to optimize the assembly process and to complete additional QC of the mass production.

Parts kits....I will work on the web page ordering for the Pre-order customers to make their selections for their parts kits after the first batch of components are on their way to Switzerland.