Kingston Update: Sept. 19, 2010

The preparations for sending the parts out to the assemblers is about half done at this point. In summary: * The cases have been QC'd and are ready for what I would term "glazing". The next step is to apply a protective coating to the external surface of the cases to protect them during the assembly and transportation process * The hands have been QC'd for finish defects. The next step is to check the lume of all of thhe hands and weed out the hands with uneven or poor lume. After that we can finally pack the hands. * I am still in the middle of QC'ing the dials. The most challenging aspect of the project. * The movements are in stock and I have to through the movments and replace and/or remove the un-necessary components to ready them for the assembler.


* The first cut of the serial number list has been completed. I still have to review the list before the information can be published * Delivery dates: The first cut of the delivery schedule has also been completed. Again I have to review the schedule before the information can be published * When this information has been finalized we will be publishing the information through the CRM ticket system, which will automatically send the update to everyone via e-mail.