Kingston: Timetable update

Currently the case components are going through their final quality control before the supplier invoices me and delivers the case parts. This is taking longer than I anticipated but what can be done to move the process along has already been done. Once the parts have arrived I will being my own quality control and check for any potential problems. As I noted earlier this is only a portion of the shipment of cases. The rest require the case tubes that were stuck in US Customs for several weeks. I have finally confirmed that the case tubes have arrived. After a quick once over from me I will be forwarding them onto the case manufacturer for installation into the remaining case bodies. Barring any other problems with the case tubes this delay should not affect the delivery of the General Order watches. The pre-order watches' timetable was not affected by this issue. We have enough case bodies currently going through the final QC to fill the open orders.

For the pre-order customers...I am still going through the paperwork and organizing the orders so that I can begin working on a delivery schedule and assign serial numbers. Organizing a pre-order of this size is a substantial task so it will take probably another 2-3 weeks. In the mean time I will begin inputting the orders into the new order status portal that should be going live in a day or two. When the order status portal is updated for your order you should receive an e-mail from the new system. Please note that the delivery date will not be set by this point in time. When the delivery date is set you will receive an updated sales order with the date attached and you will receive another e-mail from the order status system once the system has been updated for your delivery date.

For General Order customers...I will be going through the verification process after I complete the scheduling for the pre-order customers. I hope to be able to confirm the open orders and issue refunds as required by the end of July. A point of clarification...I am trying to allocate the watches available through the General Order to each geographic region as divided amongst the me and the dealers. The basic regions are the Asia/Pacific, European Union, Scandinavia, and N. America. My rough guess is that only customers in N. America will be affected but that is just a guess. For the General Order customers you should not expect to have to do anything until Q4 of this year.