Kingston ordering information

This is a update for everyone that pre-ordered a Kingston or are interested in the general ordering. Pre-order Customers: You are in this group if you already have a deposit for a watch. I will be sending out an e-mail by Wednesday that will have your ordering information and a coupon code that will enable you to deduct your deposit amount and your pre-order discount after you enter your selection into the cart.

************************************************** *********

General Ordering Customers: I have determined that it would be best to ask you to submit a deposit for a position in the general order. After the pre-order customers have been begun receiving their watches you will then be asked to submit your orders for your watches and pay the balance due.

The request for deposits will begin before the end of the month. An e-mail will be sent out to announce the start date and time. You can sign up for the e-mail distribution list here.

Please note that if General Ordering customers attempt to submit an order for a watch using the pre-order customer pages or other means on the site your order will be canceled and payment refunded. If you do so after the date of this post you will also be pushed to the back of the line if you choose to submit a deposit, risking the strong possibility that you will not earn a spot in the General Order.

Just by way of explanation about the change in procedure for the General Ordering:

* The reason I have decided to take deposits is because the decision will be easy and quick to do. This is based on the assumption that the spots will go quickly. Therefore I do not want sincere customers to miss their chance should they have a hard time deciding what they want at this time. I also do not want customers to submit orders for the sake of submitting orders which will only lead to more paperwork and headache down the line as those customers e-mail in requests to amend the orders. * I have decided to push up the opening of the General Order because it will give the European customers and those of you planning summer holidays a chance to participate before the holiday season begins in earnest. * Please note that I do not wish to punish any one for their enthusiasm and interest in this project but in the spirit of fairness and to maintain a semblance of order there has to be a penalty attached to those customers that decide to try to circumvent the established procedures. I only do this because it has already begun. I have already canceled and refunded on order this morning and the ordering page isn't even public yet. Not only is it unfair to those playing by the rules but it is a drain on my time and resources.