Project GMT is our endeavor to re-capture the glory days of airline travel through the first GMT watch. Originally the brainchild of Pan American Airways the GMT watch was co-developed by the iconic airline with Rolex SA¹. At the time the airline was still helmed by the legendary Juan von Trippe. In addition to the more common air crew issue black-dialed GMT watches there are the ironically more exclusive white dialed GMT watches that were manufactured at PanAm’s¹ request.

Approximately 200 whited dialed watches were requisitioned to placate the executive staff after von Trippe noticed that the crew issue watches were being diverted to earthbound company executives and ordered all black-dialed GMT watches to be returned and re-issued to air crews. Today historical examples and more precise information about the GMT and its PanAm¹ connection are hard to come by.

The web is full of doctored white re-dialed real Rolex¹ watches and fakes. Given that information surrounding this timepiece is sparse, we have even more freedom to craft our own interpretation and narrative for this project. The Project GMT watch will be based on the Kingston™ case. The Project GMT will feature a limited edition dial and case back design that will be developed in conjunction with our clients and forumers.

key features


Double domed sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating on interior surface only


Double gasket screw-down crown


Lightweight and shock absorbing movement ring


Swiss Made automatic 2893-2 by ETA SA



(These specifications supersede those published on the E-boutique)


Case Width:  39.20 mm

Case Length:  47.96 mm

Case Thickness:  14.50 mm

Lug Width:  20.00 mm

Weight:  80 Grams

Crystal:  Double domed sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating on interior surface only

Luminous:  SuperLumiNova BGW9

Movement:  Swiss Made automatic 2893-2 by ETA SA

Water Resistance: 20 ATMs (200 meters)

Case Finish: Satin finished 316L stainless steel


  • – White and black date dials

  • – Double gasket screw-down crown

  • – Natural rubber strap or Solid-end piece bracelet

  • –Drilled through lugs



Sept 17, 2019

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