Cie. Bracelet Montre - Strap Store, Paris


I stumbled across this shop while walking through the St. Germain area during our latest layover in Paris.

The brainchild of Hady Ouaiss, a local vintage Rolex dealer, Cie. Bracelet Montre specializes in high-end

watch straps for customers that might describe themselves as strap collectors rather than watch

collectors. This latest venture was just a few weeks old at the time of our visit; the electrons on the

pages of the web site still drying and the online shopping system a work in progress. At his original store

around the corner he has been dealing in vintage Rolexes for approximately 20 years. Although we

weren’t able to communicate fluently it is clear that he has a passion for watches and horology in

general. This passion is evident in the way the store is set up and has been designed. In addition to a

large selection of NATO straps there was a cornucopia of hand sewn and colorful leather straps. Inspired

by the store I walked out with a few new NATOs.


If you are in Paris I encourage you to drop in and experience what buying a watch strap could/should be like.

You will never look at that rotating counter display in your local jewelers the same again.