Books from Basel


I will do a quick review of the watches that I saw and liked in a few weeks. However since there are plenty of much more capable people than I covering the show I thought you would like to see some of the other interesting aspects of the Basel show. For me I love collecting books and magazines. Pretty much everywhere I go I look for interesting books, even if they are in a language I don't understand. I guess it goes well with the antiquated mechanical watches that we produce. Unsurprisingly most of the books I collect are about vintage watches, watchmaking, or books that cover the luxury industry. Over the last seven years that I have been visiting Switzerland and more specifically attending the Baselworld watch show I have easily brought back more than 100 pounds worth of books. When I visit New York later this month I hope to find some time to go the Rizzoli or Taschen book stores in SoHo.

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