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Kingston Test Assembly: Part 3A

Finally the dial is on the movement! The hands have been set and have been checked for alignment with the dial and clearance between the hands. It’s more than just a nod to nostalgia. The hands here are curved toward the end because the hands have to clear the interior surface of the crystal. To… Read More

Kingston test assembly Part 2 of 3

The first Kingston is a non-date gilt dial watch so the day/date bits and pieces have to go I have removed the day of the week wheel, date of the month wheel, the gear that drives the quick adjustment, and the gear that powers the instantaneous date change. Here are two close-ups of the movement… Read More

Kingston Test Assembly Part 2 postponed…

until Monday. Sorry but I am just worn out again from clearing out the basement and the water that was in it. Conservatively I estimate that I moved about 800 pounds worth of water from the basement in two shifts, carrying it up stairs so that I could dump it out the door. Right now… Read More

Kingston test assembly Part 1 of 3

After checking each case for scratches and other physical defects we do a quick check of the crystal installation to make sure it’s squarely seated on the case body: Here is the same case after test fitting the end links and application of protective tape to safeguard the case body against scratches. We test fit… Read More

Kingston Update: September 29, 2010

I just finished the first test assembly. If the rest of the review goes well it will be the first custom Kingston to ship. The Prebuilt watches that are to be assembled in Switzerland should be on their way to the assembler next week. I took some pics of the test assembly process and will… Read More

Kingston Update: September 29th, Part 2

The first custom Kingston is done. I am absolutely spent. The first assembly is always the most stressful as you check every single detail looking for problems or weaknesess. I become hyper-sentive to small deviations in the amplitude of the watch as I regulate it, looking for the potential mis-alignment in the case tube and… Read More

Kingston Update: Sept. 19, 2010

The preparations for sending the parts out to the assemblers is about half done at this point. In summary: * The cases have been QC’d and are ready for what I would term “glazing”. The next step is to apply a protective coating to the external surface of the cases to protect them during the… Read More

Kingston Update: September 1st

Having received the first batch of parts we have been and continue to review the parts and begin the process of organizing the parts in preparation for the trip to the assembler. The first batch of parts should be ready to leave here by the end of next week. As many of you already know… Read More

Kingston Update

The new CRM system is currently being updated with the Kingston pre-orders. It will take probably a week to get all of the orders into the system.

Kingston Update: Parts have arrives!

I picked-up the case parts on Friday. I will be reviewing them next week.