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Q & A serial with Bill Yao


1. Why did you choose the 12-hr bezel for the Fulcrum 1000-series?

I have collected military watches for quite some time. The 12-hour bezel was originally developed by the US military 
for use on its issued dive watches back in the late 1960s/early 1970s and is detailed in the military specification Mil-W-50717.
This type of bezel has been a mainstay of American military watches ever since. While a specialists tool at the time it was first
introduced I feel that the 12-hour bezel is the ideal and only choice for the modern landscape and for an “American Milsub”.

The bezel design combines two critical functions for the modern around-the-clock 24-hour operating environment
1) 2nd time zone tracking
2) Short/Intermediate/Long interval timing