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Travel Notice: Baselworld 2011

This post was originally posted on March 5th. I changed the time stamp so that it would show up on the home page.

I will be traveling to the annual Baselworld show. I will be out of the office from March 22nd through April 2nd. E-mails will be answered and online ordering will remain open but we will not be able to processing the following:

  • The ticket system will be updated after I return
  • E-mail copies of sales orders will not be sent out
  • Order changes and the processing of refunds/cancellations

these transactions will be processed when I return to the office on April 4th.

At the moment our schedule for delivery of Swiss Made watches is booked solid through the 18th of March and any orders placed after March 4th will be shipped the week ending April 9th.

If anyone happens to be attending the show in Basel, Switzerland feel free to drop me an e-mail and may be we can meet up for a coffee or beer. I will just be attending the show to taken in the new watches, meet suppliers, and a few customers. We will not have a booth at the show.

UPDATE March 21st, 2011: The lead times on the site have been updated to to take into account that we won’t be able to ship while I am at the show. The lead times will be updated when I return based on the number of orders that we receive while I am away. At the moment we are booked through April 15th.

Baselworld 2010

Finally I have a little bit of time to finish by much overdue Baselworld report. Well at least I won’t have to compete for eyeballs now :)

As usual I arrived the day before the fair is opened to the public. At this point the town is still quiet. There are some press around and the buyers are beginning to trickle into town.

For those of you that do not know the town of Basel it occupies a unique geographic location in that it is actually “in” three different countries: Switzerland, France, and Germany. The airport itself is actually divided into sectors by country although the immigration desks now are rarely in use.
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