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Coming Back Soon: Vantage Bracelets

Replacement Vantage bracelets will be available for sale soon. To be notified via email when ordering opens please sign up here. These are the same bracelets that we used on the Mk II Vantage. The reason they are just being made available now is because these were the bracelets from that original production that we… Read More

Vantages are sold out….

and have been since the beginning of September. Epaulet in NYC will be getting two more before the end of November but I do not know anything regarding their availability. Thanks to all of our Vantage customers for making this watch such a success!

The Vantage is back in stock…

again! These will be the last 40 pieces that will be made. This model will be discontinued when this batch is sold out. The Vantage will not be re-designed like the Stingray or the Sea Fighter. This model will be permanently discontinued and it’s possible that we may transfer the name to a future dive… Read More

Vantages back in stock…

in August in our E-boutique and at We will be sending out a notice to those on the mailing list when the watches are back on sale on the E-boutique.