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2014-04-11: New Update Procedure

Over the years I have struggled to get information about running projects out to customers in a clear and direct way. Normally I do this through our forum on WUS but frankly it has proved to be less than the ideal medium for this. The updates generally get lost in a blizzard of posts, questions,… Read More

2014-04-10: Proj. GMT Design Update

We are still working on the date wheel design. We created a font for the date wheel that alludes to the original date wheel design. After much thought I decided that we can use the open “9″ and “6′s” that were characteristic of the original design. We are doing this so that our date wheel… Read More

Project GMT Pre-order is Full…

at this point. We will be reviewing the pre-orders received tomorrow and Thursday. The Project GMT has been taken off the e-boutique for now and we will insert a placeholder there that will re-direct you to the mailing list sign-up. The mailing list will also serve as a wait list. For those customers that don’t… Read More

The Pre-order for the Project GMT will likely

close by Tuesday (January 24th, 2012) evening if not sooner. Once the pre-order is full we will open up a mailing list for those waiting for additional information and/or openings.

Project GMT: Now open for Pre-order

We are now accepting deposits for the Project GMT. (Yes I am aware that the word project is currently misspelled in the E-boutique :p – we will have that fixed in a little bit.)