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2015-11-13: Project GMT update

Sorry for the long break between the updates! I thought I had posted an update in October but just found the Oct. 8th post I wrote still marked “draft” in the system.

  • The bezel insert order has been submitted to the vendor. It took a little longer than we expected to get to verifying that the bezels fit okay on the cases. Mostly it was paperwork getting in the way. We will report back on the expected delivery date as soon as we know.
  • Case back engraving is currently in process and should be ready around the end of January 2016.
  • Second batch of date wheels have arrived and are awaiting QC.
  • Inspection of the dials and hands are ongoing.
  • Case preparation is ongoing.

2015-10-02: Project GMT Update

  • Case back design has been finalized. I expect to send the parts out to be engraved some time next week. I will post details about this next week.
  • Plankowner serial numbers: After about 8 solid hours and spreadsheet work I have the serial numbers allocated for the Plankowners. I have to figure out how to publish the numbers though and when.
  • Bezel insert: The design and color selection are finally completed. The artwork has been finalized. This took a lot longer than expected mostly because I kept finding details that need to be fixed. We will be releasing the artwork to the vendor next week pending the results of the test described next.
  • Bezel fit: We will be doing some final testing on the bezel fit for the watch. The CMM data says it should fit but we want to make sure it does before we commit to the bezel insert order. I should be taking care of this tomorrow. I have been doing prep work for the tests, off and on, all week. The testing will take place Saturday.

2015-09-15: Project GMT Pre-order

The emails for the September Round #1 have been sent out.

Coupon Code Instructions, General

If you have received a coupon code please click on the image below for instructions on how to use the code:


2015-08-31: Project GMT Pre-order

I have, finally, done the lottery for the August round. I know it’s a bit last minute. The emails with the coupon codes were just sent out via email. If there are still spots open from this group of 25 people we will roll that over to the September round.

Anyone that has signed up for the mailingĀ  list since June, and wasn’t selected for the August round, will be rolled over to the September round. To sign up for the lottery please submit your email address here.

2015-08-28: Project GMT Update

Here are the updates:

  • The case back designs are ready for everyone’s review. I have just sent out surveys for the Plankowners and the current Pre-Order Customers. For those customers please use only the surveys that you received. For everyone else interested in voicing an opinion about the case back please see this link.
  • Additional date wheels are expected to be delivered in late September.
  • We expect to be able to finalize the insert design and have it out to the vendor next week. Aside from the case back this is the last part that we need before we can begin deliveries.