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2015-08-31: Project GMT Pre-order

I have, finally, done the lottery for the August round. I know it’s a bit last minute. The emails with the coupon codes were just sent out via email. If there are still spots open from this group of 25 people we will roll that over to the September round.

Anyone that has signed up for the mailingĀ  list since June, and wasn’t selected for the August round, will be rolled over to the September round. To sign up for the lottery please submit your email address here.

2015-08-28: Project GMT Update

Here are the updates:

  • The case back designs are ready for everyone’s review. I have just sent out surveys for the Plankowners and the current Pre-Order Customers. For those customers please use only the surveys that you received. For everyone else interested in voicing an opinion about the case back please see this link.
  • Additional date wheels are expected to be delivered in late September.
  • We expect to be able to finalize the insert design and have it out to the vendor next week. Aside from the case back this is the last part that we need before we can begin deliveries.

2015-08-20: Project GMT Update

  • We have 2 case back designs ready for review. One basic one and a second one with a design.
  • We will create two surveys: 1) for the Plankowners to voice their opinion and choose 2) a more general survey for everyone else. The reason for the 2 surveys is simple if there is any significant disagreement between the results Plankowners should have priority.
  • Everyone is welcome to discuss the design on our forum before voting but I probably will not be able to participate directly in the discussions given the current workload. For that I apologize in advance. We are trying to clear the deck of the design work that we do so that I can focus on managing the suppliers and executing the projects. I want to get the design work for both the Project 300 and Project GMT wrapped up in this regard by the end of August.
  • For the Project GMT inserts that is also one detail that we have to submit to the vendor for production. The design is about 95% finished and we are targeting the release of the design to the vendor by the end of next week.
  • The gilt dials (black and white) have been delivered but need to be checked. I wanted to let everyone know that they are in hand but please temper any predictions regarding delivery times as it only takes one mistake to send the whole batch back to the vendor for re-work.

2015-07-01: Project GMT Update

I am leaving in 12 hours for our annual pilgrimage to Taiwan to visit the in-laws so please excuse the brevity of this update:

  • Right now we are working through the date wheel printing process. We QC’d the first batch and are going through the second printing to build additional inventory
  • The first round of case body QC has been completed and we have returned the parts to the vendor that needed re-work.
  • A sample of QC’d case parts have been sent off the quality control company. This is the one I referred to an in earlier post and they will be doing computer measurements of the parts so we can verify the quality of the machining. If all is well then we will submit the bezel insert to manufacturing and continue with the process of cleaning and assembling the case bodies. We don’t want to continue with this process until we can be reasonably sure the parts will fit together as designed.
  • We are still working on the case back designs. Sorry but just ran out of time before the trip to get the designs together for publication and feedback.
  • We are expecting the first batches of dials in September.

I return on the 20th of July….which is to say I will be lucid again towards the latter half of that week rather than online on the 20th. I will be doing accounting and catching up with correspondence with vendors while in the jet lag haze at the beginning of that week.

2015-06-18: Project GMT Ordering/Updates


  • The June/July round will begin June 22nd. To submit your email address for the lottery please see this page.
  • Please note that there will be no July round because the office will be in vacation mode from July 2nd through July 20th. We will do the June and July rounds in June.
  • We have made one significant change. All of the case backs for the Project GMT series will be the same and none will use the Nassau case backs. More details below.

Project Updates:

  • The total quantity of Project GMT watches will be between 350 and 400 pieces. The reason for the range is that it will depend upon how many good cases come from the inspection process.
  • The 2nd stage pre-order will allocate the 350 pieces (This includes the Plankowners and the 2nd stage pre-0rders to date). If we have more than 350 pieces available the last 50 pieces will be sold through the General Ordering process.
  • We will be having more case backs made for the Project GMT so that we will not have to use any Nassau case backs for the production. Everyone will be getting the special case back.
  • QC of the parts is ongoing and we are beginning the process of prepping the cases for assembly. The beginning of assembly is not imminent as of this time because we are working on the dials and the date wheels.

2015-06-09: Project GMT

A quick update:

* We have worked up a couple of ideas for the case back engraving. We will post these as soon as we can for everyone’s review

* I have finished refining the bezel insert design. The changes are subtle improvements over the original posted to the site.

* We will be submitting the parts to a new step, coordinate measurement, to confirm that the parts all work together and to adjust the bezel insert diameter as required to get the best fit. We hope to get this completed later this month.

* Date wheels are currently in production. We are doing them in two batches and doing the QC. The second batch I hope will be in process by July.