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2015-02-03: Project GMT Pre-order

This is what we are going to try for this next round. Whether we continue with this format or return to the standard format will depend upon how this round goes. We are trying out this alternative format because of the feedback from disappointed customers about the limitations of the cart system. Its worth mentioning again that this is a limitation of most of the shopping cart systems out there. This is something that I figured out to try to make the process more pleasant. If it causes more confusion that it solves we will have to return to the “scrum” method instead.

Here are the changes:

  1. We will select people via the mailing list. Essentially this will be done at random. (Sign-up instructions to follow below)
  2. We will set the price of the Project GMT at $999,999.99 (not the real price, obviously). This is designed so that only the people that are selected will be able to order (see next).
  3. We will send a coupon code to those customers that are selected that will reduce the price down to the actual price. The customers will have 7 days to use the coupon code, after which it will expire automatically and a new person will be selected from the remaining emails we have on record. If for whatever reason you do not use the coupon code in time you will have to try your luck again in the next round, the reservation will not be held or rolled-over under any circumstances.
  4. The cut-off time to submit your email address for this latest round will be Friday Feb. 6th. For those of you that have signed up already I will be sending you this message via email to confirm that you are on the list.
  5. MSRP will be increased by $200 to $1,595. This only applies to pre-orders from this date forward. This is NOT retro-active. If you placed your pre-order before Feb. 2015 your price will stay the same at $1,395

Please submit your email address here:

Email List Sign-Up

  1. Click “Notify Me”
  2. Type in your email address
  3. Click “Submit”

2015-02-02: P300 Drawings In

The first cut of the technical drawings have been sent to me for comment by the case supplier. If the drawings are okay they will complete the detailed set of drawings. In other words they have case and parts modeled up but want to make sure there are no serious mistakes before creating the drawings for all of the individual parts.

Project GMT: Jan. Round

There may be a delay in the announcement of a few days as we figure out if there is a better way to run the process. We are exploring option to make the purchasing of the slots less hectic and more enjoyable while keeping the e-commerce platform that we have now.

Moving and Service Levels


We are moving the PA workshop out of the residential house we have been using and into commercial space (not retail) in Wayne, PA (same town). We have been shopping for space for the last few weeks and signed a lease just last week. We got the tentative move in date yesterday. Why the move? Its a combination of factors, the most important of which is that it will give us the opportunity to hire some help. Working out of this house and having employees come here is frankly just too hard for employees to get to. The space still won’t be open to the public but down the road this space might afford us the opportunity to hold events. So we’ll see.

You could be wondering, although I don’t see why, the reason we would choose to move now. The primary reason is that we are currently in between projects. The Nassaus are winding down and the Project GMT is just starting up. In addition the Paradive and the Fulcrums cases are not expected until February. So this turns out to be as good a time as we are going to get to tempt Murphy’s Law and move. Well if I get time I will try to post some pics of the old shop while we are in transition.

Service Levels: Communication and shipments

I think we have made good strides in communication in the last 12 months but I have to apologize for us having fallen off the wagon these last few weeks. Everyone seemed to be getting sick in one capacity or another except myself, resulting in the effect that it was like I was working by myself again so emails piled up. Then the holidays ran riot all over our normal routine. To be frank I doubt the situation will improve until February as we get set to move. The relocation entails moving equipment and computers as well as transferring our Internet service. At this point I do not know what kind of communication black out will result in the simple transfer of our Internet service, or the fact that with relocations other SNAFUs are bound to occur.

For Nassau shipments we have been waiting on the balance of crowns due. We got lucky and were able to get a partial shipment that allowed us to work through December but now we are out again. The Europeans just got back to work so we should get the balance of the crowns we need for the Nassaus in the next week or two. This kind of works well with the move but I do have to apologize again on the supplier’s behalf. We will keep assembling to the point that we can and ship when the crowns arrive later this month.

2014-11-25: Project GMT


  • Mock-ups of the 6 options have been posted in the E-boutique and on the Project GMT page.
  • Order for the next round of the 2nd Stage Pre-Order opens November 30th at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)
  • Please note that there will be no ordering round in December. After the November round ordering will resume in January.

2014-11-18: Project 300 Drawings

I finished the internal review of the drawings that we created for the project. We will be submitting the drawings to the case supplier by Sunday. I will confirm again when this important step has been completed.