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Contact information update

As a result of the relocation of our “newish” workshop in Wayne our phone and fax details are being updated:

New phone: (610) 688-4361 (we weren’t able to save our old phone number)

Fax: We are phasing out the fax line this month

Changes will be made to the web sites over the next week or so. For the time being the old phone will be active. When that number is finally disconnected I will post an update.

2015-10-08: Project 300 update

  • The case drawings have been approved.
  • We are still working on one issue with regards to the bracelet. Its not a major issue but still an important one
  • Hands are currently in production

2015-10-02: Project 300 update

  • The updated designs came back from the case supplier. With the exception of the bracelet end-piece we have everything buttoned-up. If we have to we can go forward with the case sampling before the drawings on the bracelet are final but this isn’t ideal. I hope, and expect, that next week that my tweaks to the end-piece are acceptable and that we can finally proceed with the sampling stage.
  • Hands: As noted earlier the hand designs have been released to the vendor. The order has been acknowledged but we are still waiting on the delivery time frame for the parts. Once received we will begin the process of inspection and having the parts lumed.
  • Case back design: Based on discussions about the survey data and comments we have finalized the case back design. Because we expect that there will be people that agree and disagree with the final decision I will post the details as soon as I can put together a post detailing our thinking and the reasons for our conclusion.
  • Assuming that we enter the pre-production sampling stage of the project this month we will be sending out requests for the 2nd stage payments to Plankowners. The first payments made by Plankowners were used to secure the movements for the project. The 2nd stage payments will be allocated to tooling and production deposits/costs.

2015-10-02: Project GMT Update

  • Case back design has been finalized. I expect to send the parts out to be engraved some time next week. I will post details about this next week.
  • Plankowner serial numbers: After about 8 solid hours and spreadsheet work I have the serial numbers allocated for the Plankowners. I have to figure out how to publish the numbers though and when.
  • Bezel insert: The design and color selection are finally completed. The artwork has been finalized. This took a lot longer than expected mostly because I kept finding details that need to be fixed. We will be releasing the artwork to the vendor next week pending the results of the test described next.
  • Bezel fit: We will be doing some final testing on the bezel fit for the watch. The CMM data says it should fit but we want to make sure it does before we commit to the bezel insert order. I should be taking care of this tomorrow. I have been doing prep work for the tests, off and on, all week. The testing will take place Saturday.

2015-09-24: Project 300 Update

A status update on the project:

  • Waiting on case supplier for feedback on my comments. The comments are regarding small, but important, details that needed to be double checked.
  • I completed the hand designs earlier today and have released the information to the hand manufacturer. Due to the time it will take to get the hour and minute hands made to my standards we have to start now before the cases are begun and slowly build up our inventory.
  • The dial designs are completed and ready to go the manufacturer. We will send these out the same time we approve the case designs and we know that case sampling has been started. I know some of you are curious so I will note that I have completed designs using a big triangle dial and one with the 12 at the, well, 12 o’clock position. Both dials have been designed in date and non-date versions. I will likely do a survey to see if there is enough demand to make all or if I should only make a selection of the dials.

2015-09-16: Fax line phase out

Dear Customers,

In the coming weeks we will be phasing out our fax number. There isn’t enough volume to justify keeping the number active. We will see if we can develop a replacement in the mean time.