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Shipping delays

There are delays with regards to shipments. I accounted for the jet lag after I got back but not the stomach flu. I cleared the stomach flu about a day or two ago and my body is slowly returning to normal. I have family obligations this weekend so I will update tickets for the current… Read More

Back from our trip….

I got back a few days ago and have spent the last few days just getting settled again. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are back to work but just a little worse for wear because of the jet lag and so getting back into the swing of things again is taking… Read More

Kingston GO BG W9

The Swiss assembly of the BG W9 version of the Kingstons is complete and we expect that the shipment will arrive early next week.

Paradive Type I with SAPPHIRE 12-hr GMT insert


The Paradive with 12-hr GMT inlay in Sapphire is finally available. The quantities are currently limited as the parts are hard to manufacture. At this time we have a handful of watches available in the Non-date/Day-date/Date only configurations. Once these pieces are sold out the model may be out of stock for a while.  … Read More

Kingston GO C3 non-date

We have scheduled the C3 non-date Kingstons. We got about half way through the notifications for the C3 non-date customers today and will finish updating the remaining customers on Thursday. The C3 watches were completed sooner than the BG W9 pieces. The BG W9 non-date watches are still in Switzerland. The C3s are expected to… Read More

Kingston GO Delivery beginning

Kingston GO delivery will begin the week of April 16th, 2012. The delivery schedule is grouped as follows: * We stared a few non-date Kingstons (C3 and BG W9), which number less than 5 units. These will be completed first. Their tickets will be updated by Tuesday with their estimated ship dates. * The date… Read More

Updated: SSL certificate fixed

The SSL certificate has been fixed and tested. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Results of the Project 300 name survey

Overwhelming the choice was “Project 300″. Even my wife likes the name. Some of the write-in suggestions were good as well but there wasn’t anything that was indicative of a trend towards one idea or another. We can now move onto the next phase of the design process the dial, case body, and case back… Read More

Back to work….

a little worse for wear because of the jet lag but the best I have felt after a trip overseas.  Baselworld was interesting and productive. In short though not a lot of new watches launched from my perspective but still a few goods ones were announced. More on that later.

Travel Notice (March 6th – March 16th)

I will be traveling for the Baselworld watch fair from today (March 6th) through March 16th. We will be checking tickets and I will be checking in on the forum while we are away. However please note that there will be limitations to what we can do while I am out of the office. The… Read More