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2015-04-08: Nassau Replacement Links

The replacement links for the Nassau bracelets have arrived. We will be checking them next week. If everything is okay we will start notifying customers to place their orders for the links and should be able to start shipping the Nassaus scheduled to go out next week with the proper links. Please note that this may mean that the watches expected to ship on April 13th may go out a few days late.

2015-04-07: Project GMT April Round

We will be doing something a little different for the April round of pre-ordering for the Project GMT. While I think everyone involved prefers the more relaxed pace of ordering the current process is proving too time consuming. Here is what we will be trying for the April round:

  1. We will set the ordering page to the “Notify Me” mode. We will do this on Wednesday, April 8th, 10 am (EST)
  2. The system will add your email address to the wait list in the order that they are submitted. We will leave it in this mode until 10 pm (EST), April 8th
  3. We will pick customers at random from the emails collected during this time frame and send them an ordering link or coupon code to place their orders.
  4. Customers will have until 11:59pm, April 11th to complete their orders, after which we will pick another set of customers.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

2015-03-30: Project 300 detailed drawings

The detailed drawings have been submitted for my review. Now we will see if the work we put into the 3D model pay off in a faster review and approval process.

2015-03-10: Nassau


We posted a few Nassaus for sale on the E-boutique. The Nassau 1002 and 1003, due to very limited quantities on hand, sold out very quickly. The Nassau 2002 is still available with silver/black insert. The Nassau 2002 is now sold out – wait list is operation in case any one cancels. To be notified please submit your email address here. We have no more red triangle insert versions available.


Bracelet Link:

I have been informed by our supplier that the manufacturing of the replacement link is complete. I have sent them a portion of the bracelets we have on hand to have the replacement links installed, which will also serve as a test to make sure the new links fit the bracelets that we already delivered to customers. We will publish an update as soon as we hear back from the vendor regarding a time table for the re-work schedule. We hope that we will be able to send the links or the re-worked bracelets with the Nassau deliveries in April.

2015-03-10: Project 300 Drawing Update

I have forwarded my comments to the case supplier regarding the 1st draft. The changes are not significant so hopefully the revisions can be executed without too much trouble. I will follow up with the vendor in Basel.

Project GMT: Feb Pre-order

The customers for the Project GMT ordering have been selected. Customers were basically selected at random. The emails will be going out today, Feb. 18 at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. Please check your SPAM folders as well as your Inbox’s. There are two emails going out:

1) An email with a coupon code for those that were selected for the opportunity to order (but no one is under any obligation to do so)

2) Everyone else on the list will receive a “sorry” email just to let you know that we will keep you in the running for future rounds

The codes for this group expire on Feb. 25th so if there are any slots left we will send out another round of emails at the end Feb. Otherwise we will run another round in March.

Thanks for everyone’s patience. Structuring this round and getting all of the testing completed took an entire brain frying day. For all that work I sincerely hope this works out for the best for everyone!