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2016-01-05: Project 300 Update

  • Pre-production samples for the dials are currently in process.
  • The hands have been shipped off to our lume specialist for the application of the SLN BGW9 lume
  • Pre-production case samples and crown production, as noted earlier, are currently in process.

2016-01-05: Project GMT Update

  • We currently have enough date wheels for the first 200 watches. We will be starting a new batch of date wheels next week for the remaining 100 watches that have been spoken for.
  • We plan to open up final model selection for the Plankowners by the end of next week.

2015-12-11: Project GMT Update

  • The engraving of the case backs is nearly complete. Shipment is expected in early January 2016
  • The bezel inlays are expected to be delivered by the end of February 2016
  • Inspection of date wheels, dials, hands are currently in process.
  • Case preparation is ongoing.
  • The matte black dial option is currently in mass production. We delayed production of this dial in order to get other parts that we needed through the manufacturing process. If we hadn’t delayed the matte black dial production we would not have the parts we need for the Black/gold and white/gold versions. I will know more about the impact on delivery of this version of the Project GMT after a delivery time is communicated to us from the vendor.

Based on the status of the parts so far we expect to begin assembly of the Black/gold and white/gold dials in January 2016.

We will be asking the Plankowners to make their final selections in late December/early January 2016.

2015-12-11: Project 300 Update

  • Crowns are in mass production. We expect delivery of this part in March 2016
  • The big triangle date and non-date dials are in the beginning stages of sampling. No timetable yet for the pre-production samples.

2015-11-13: Project 300 Update

Here the latest for the Project 300:

  • The order for the crowns has been submitted to the vendor.
  • Case drawings and bracelet drawings have been approved. There were some loose ends regarding the case that had to be tied down so we had to revisit the drawings this past week.
  • Case and bracelet samples are currently underway.

2015-11-13: Project GMT update

Sorry for the long break between the updates! I thought I had posted an update in October but just found the Oct. 8th post I wrote still marked “draft” in the system.

  • The bezel insert order has been submitted to the vendor. It took a little longer than we expected to get to verifying that the bezels fit okay on the cases. Mostly it was paperwork getting in the way. We will report back on the expected delivery date as soon as we know.
  • Case back engraving is currently in process and should be ready around the end of January 2016.
  • Second batch of date wheels have arrived and are awaiting QC.
  • Inspection of the dials and hands are ongoing.
  • Case preparation is ongoing.