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2016-01-22: Project GMT Update

Its been a looonnnngggg week full of admin work and server updates. The detailed announcement and Plankowner ordering emails are ready to go out. Unfortunately there is a large winter storm coming in tonight. Normally with these kinds of storms we lose power and hence contact with the electronic world. So assuming that we aren’t too worse off after the storm and that the USPS doesn’t update their API again, we will be sending out the emails and posting the update on Monday January 25. This way we should be online and available to answer any questions or deal with any software glitches that might arise.

2016-01-19: Project GMT Case Back

The image below is the final case back design for the Key West GMT (aka Project GMT). In response to the survey feedback from customers and prospective customers we modified the design that we had developed. Originally the engraving featured 4 diagonal lines that were meant to represent counterflowing air traffic. This detail did not elicit the kind of reaction we had intended so we removed 2 of the lines from the design and re-positioned the aircraft silhouette on the case back. Among the other suggestions for the case back design the following are the reasons that we did not move forward with those designs:

* Palm tree/landing aircraft design by Steelinox: While we agreed that the design was excellent, our assessment was that after scaling the design down to the required size most of the detail that made the design attractive would have been lost or easily eroded with wear.

* PanAm style globe or PAA wing-style design: This was suggested by a number or customers and mocked-up by customer Brian (66Cooper). (Thank you Brian!). We loved the idea and the old PanAm logos but out of respect for the company and to give the Key West a unique identity we elected to develop the new design shown at the end of this post.

* Plane circling the globe: Another good idea that we actually tried. After quite a few iterations we felt that we could never get the resolution at such a small scale to make this attractive. We tried placing the globe in a number of different locations with unsatisfactory results.

* Sterile case back: We elected to use a design instead of a nearly sterile case back in order to separate the Key West from the Kingston. In addition we felt that a design on the case back was in keeping with the limited edition nature of the project and spirit of the reference design.

Key West GMT case back

Key West GMT case back

2016-01-15: Project GMT Update (brief)

A brief update to note that an update is coming soon. I have spent the last 3 days working on the logistics for the Project GMT deliveries. I was hoping to have this finalized by today, or at least the rough plan, so that I could post it here. However between security updates to the E-boutique, drafting all of the announcements, and configuring the E-boutique for the new products here we are at 6 pm on Friday afternoon with a lot almost ready but not quite finished. We are still trying to tie down small things such as updating the artwork on the E-boutique for the watches so that it explicitly notes the color of the bezel and the dial. Depending on your computer monitor the blue can be nearly impossible to distinguish between the black unless you have both pictures side by side, which you won’t have the luxury of doing when ordering. I will be in the shop this weekend but to work on QC instead of the logistics. So we hope to have everything published before Wednesday Jan. 20th, 2016. Thanks to everyone for their continuing patience. I can only imagine that as we get closer to beginning the delivery phase that tension is beginning to build.

2016-01-05: Project 300 Update

  • Pre-production samples for the dials are currently in process.
  • The hands have been shipped off to our lume specialist for the application of the SLN BGW9 lume
  • Pre-production case samples and crown production, as noted earlier, are currently in process.

2016-01-05: Project GMT Update

  • We currently have enough date wheels for the first 200 watches. We will be starting a new batch of date wheels next week for the remaining 100 watches that have been spoken for.
  • We plan to open up final model selection for the Plankowners by the end of next week.

2015-12-11: Project GMT Update

  • The engraving of the case backs is nearly complete. Shipment is expected in early January 2016
  • The bezel inlays are expected to be delivered by the end of February 2016
  • Inspection of date wheels, dials, hands are currently in process.
  • Case preparation is ongoing.
  • The matte black dial option is currently in mass production. We delayed production of this dial in order to get other parts that we needed through the manufacturing process. If we hadn’t delayed the matte black dial production we would not have the parts we need for the Black/gold and white/gold versions. I will know more about the impact on delivery of this version of the Project GMT after a delivery time is communicated to us from the vendor.

Based on the status of the parts so far we expect to begin assembly of the Black/gold and white/gold dials in January 2016.

We will be asking the Plankowners to make their final selections in late December/early January 2016.