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2017-02-21: Project 300 Update

Here is the current status of the Project 300:

  • Case parts have begun to arrive.
  • Bracelet is still in production. The EP (end-pieces) are still in production. We had some comments on the finishing and saw an updated EP last month and sent them our feedback earlier this month.
  • We have finished the review of the non-date dial sample and that should be going into production in March. Right now we are prepping the sample for the catalog photos so that we can finalize the ordering page.
  • We are still reviewing the date version of the Project 300 dial.
  • We will resume the production of the hands next month. We had been testing the supply chain and are comfortable with proceeding with the mass production of the hands. This will take more time than normal since we are sub-contracting with a specialist in lume application to finish the hands. To compensate for this we will start the production of the hands as soon as possible.
  • QC will begin soon and we will start contacting Plankowners to submit their final selections and payments next month. We have to shoot the catalog photos before we can open final selection.

As always thank you for your patience and support of the Project 300.

2017-02-21: Project GMT Update

Project GMT update…..

  • The second batch of case parts have started to arrive.
  • The re-order for the black/gilt and the white/gilt dials have arrived and are pending QC/QA
  • At the moment we still have to re-order the inlays and the date wheels.
  • Scheduling is largely complete. We are still waiting on a few last pre-order customers. We sent out an email earlier with the final notification. If we do not hear from the customer or receive their order by the end of February 2017 we will complete scheduling without them.

2017-01-27: Project GMT Update

Quick update on the project:

  • I have completed the preliminary schedule for the remaining Key West deliveries. We will start updating the system after we contact some stragglers.
  • A new delivery of the white/gilt and black/gilt dials have arrived. We still need to do the QC.

2017-01-26 (3:24 pm) Addendum:

  • As noted in the ordering emails you are free to change your order up until your order reaches “3.0 Build in Process”. However please note that given that the supply of parts may be tight for some models and in fairness to the other customers, any order change request will be subject to the availability of parts. If the supply is tight for a particular model we may have to push any orders for customers that make changes to their orders to the back of the queue to ensure there are enough parts available. If we for any reason we can’t accommodate your order change we will deliver based on the original order. So the cut-off “date” for this policy to go into effect will be when the scheduling has been completed. We will do our best to be as accommodating as possible and will only invoke this policy as required.



2017-12-07: Project 300 Update

  • Case parts are in the final phases of manufacturing
  • The bracelet end-link has been approved for mass production and production is currently in process
  • Best estimate right now is that we will begin QC of the case parts in Q1 of 2017. If all goes well delivery should be able to begin in the summer of 2017
  • We will be taking photos and preparing the web site for receipt of final selections and payments. We expect that we will start ordering for the Plankowners in February/March of 2017. We will follow the same process as we did with the Project GMT where we will open up ordering in batches. The expectation is that we will contact one group approximately each month.

Thank you for your support and patience.

This will likely be the last update before 2017 so we wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2017!

2016-12-07: Project GMT Update

  • The case parts that we need for the remainder of the Project GMT have largely been delivered. We will begin the QC of those parts after the holidays. There are a few exceptions. We are still waiting on the bezels and the bracelets. However this should not effect the timetable significantly since there is plenty to do in the mean time.
  • Parts still on order: White/gold and Black/gold dials as well as the bezel inlays. We are delaying the final ordering of the inlays because we want to get all the orders in so we can order enough parts to fill those orders. Since there is plenty of assembly to do in the mean time this strategy should not adversely effect the timetable.
  • The ordering emails for Group 9 and 10 will go out today.
  • I was fighting a cold for the first 3 weeks of November. I am back to full strength now but busier than expected due to the work that we have to make up. We are working on the scheduling right now and expect to have more done during January.
  • Progress: We are nearly done with the Plankowner and Group 1 deliveries. There is one Plankowner and one Group 1 order current remaining to be delivered. We are also working on Group 2 and 3 orders right now. My apologies, if it were not for November we would have had better news to report on this front.

Thank you for your support and patience.

This will likely be the last update before 2017 so we wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2017!

Heads up: Delays in replies

Just wanted to let everyone know that my ability to respond to the order status emails will be limited over the next two weeks. I have to complete the review of the Nassau/Key West mass production samples and get those parts into mass production. We want to bring the Nassau back and minimize any delays in shipments for Groups 6-10 of the Key West. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.