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Heads up: Delays in replies

Just wanted to let everyone know that my ability to respond to the order status emails will be limited over the next two weeks. I have to complete the review of the Nassau/Key West mass production samples and get those parts into mass production. We want to bring the Nassau back and minimize any delays in shipments for Groups 6-10 of the Key West. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Nassau Link Now Available

The Nassau replacement link is now available. Sorry for the delay in getting these up on the site and getting the ordering procedure down. Most of the time was spent on trying to find a way to get the S&H costs down to something reasonable for the customers that didn’t qualify for a free link. The best I can do at the moment is standard USPS Priority for our domestic customers. For the international customers I was able to do more for you. I have a “First Class-Uninsured” option available now for $12.50, which is considerably better than the $30+ that USPS Priority Mail International now costs.

I could have done a bit better, and I may be able to do so in few weeks, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to put this part up for ordering. There is a bug in the USPS system that prevents our web store from quoting First Class Mail as an option for US or International customers. If I was able to tap this the S&H could be lower for this link. If I had realized that this was a bug in the USPS system rather than a mistake in setting up the site on my part I would have had this issue fixed sooner.

For returning Mk II customers we will generate coupons so that you can order the part for free and have it shipped for free. For those of you that were on the Nassau Link mailing list we have already sent out coupon codes to those that qualify for the free replacement link. To qualify:

  • A customer wishing to purchase a Nassau link free of charge had to have purchased a Mk II watch directly from Mk II in the past. If you are a Project GMT or Project 300 pre-order customer you also qualify.
  • Submit a ticket to Service & Parts to request a coupon code.

Mk II Replacement Nassau Link

Coupon Code Instructions

The following is a quick tutorial for the customers that are entitled to receive the Nassau replacement link free of charge. The offer is open to all customers that have purchased a Mk II watch from Mk II in the past, doesn’t matter when or which watch just as long as we have a record of it. Click on the image below for a larger version of the same image.


2015-08-31: The Nassau will return!

We are pleased to announce that the Nassau will return next year. We will be filling out the paperwork later this week to start a new batch of parts for the Nassau. At the moment this is all the information that we will have available. If you already signed up for the mailing list on this page you don’t need to sign-up again. For all others that are interested please sign up here for the mailing list by clicking on any one of the watches pictured and adding your email address to the mailing list.

2015-04-08: Nassau Replacement Links

The replacement links for the Nassau bracelets have arrived. We will be checking them next week. If everything is okay we will start notifying customers to place their orders for the links and should be able to start shipping the Nassaus scheduled to go out next week with the proper links. Please note that this may mean that the watches expected to ship on April 13th may go out a few days late.

2015-03-10: Nassau


We posted a few Nassaus for sale on the E-boutique. The Nassau 1002 and 1003, due to very limited quantities on hand, sold out very quickly. The Nassau 2002 is still available with silver/black insert. The Nassau 2002 is now sold out – wait list is operation in case any one cancels. To be notified please submit your email address here. We have no more red triangle insert versions available.


Bracelet Link:

I have been informed by our supplier that the manufacturing of the replacement link is complete. I have sent them a portion of the bracelets we have on hand to have the replacement links installed, which will also serve as a test to make sure the new links fit the bracelets that we already delivered to customers. We will publish an update as soon as we hear back from the vendor regarding a time table for the re-work schedule. We hope that we will be able to send the links or the re-worked bracelets with the Nassau deliveries in April.