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Implentation of new software…

in our continuing effort to improve customer service and the customer experience with Mk II we will be implementing new software that will help us manage watch builds and deliveries. This may lead to delays in scheduling new orders over the next few days.

After studying the software for the last 3 weeks I feel reasonably comfortable that we can begin to use it. In any event I can not afford to spend any more time on this as we have a lot of watches to deliver. I will be transferring all of our data to the new software over the next 2-3 days; consolidating the pre-built watch scheduling with the Kingston deliveries. Theoretically this will enable us to provide delivery dates for the Kingston but please note that the reliability of these estimates can not be known and there will be a learning curve for the proper use of this software (i.e. expect SNAFUs). Initially, we will not be publishing any delivery dates based on the software for the Kingston deliveries until we can operate with the software for a few weeks and see how it handles delays as well as my ability to keep up with the schedule.

Kingston deliveries resuming and GO news

I am resuming work on the date dialed Kingstons this week.

At the moment we are reviewing and cataloging the general orders received before we left on our break.

There is also some good news for those of you on the waiting list for the General Order. There will be some slots available. About 75% of you will be eligible for watches. The final list of eligible customers will be selected at random using a lottery. News will be posted within the next week or so after we confirm the number of open slots. The “collector” for the waiting list has been closed and we will not be taking additional wait list requests unless for some reason we are not able to fill the available slots using the current participants on the wait list. In that case we will post the news here. We will not be accepting requests to be added to the wait list even if posted to the Order Status Portal or via e-mail.

Kingston Delivery

a short message from the road.

We have finished all non-date C3 Kingstons except for the last order which is to ship to Poland. The order going to Poland will go out the week ending Aug. 13.

We didn’t have time to begin the date dialed Kingstons yet. However the date dialed Kingstons did return from Switzerland last week so they will be waiting for me when I return.

Delivery update to be…

posted here later today. Sorry for the delay in the updates. One of our European suppliers is making a trip to the US and will be here later this week for a meet and greet. We don’t receive guests very often so this means I am running around cleaning up the shop and working on watches at the same time.

An update regarding the date dialed Kingstons. The watches are expected to ship from Switzerland some time next week. We have about two more weeks, including this one, of non-date C3 watches to ship, and then can begin the date dialed Kingstons.

Kingston General Ordering Opening

An e-mail will be going out over the next two days with the ordering details for those customers that submitted a deposit for the General order last year. We are doing the notifications in two batches. The first half of the General Order customers will receive the e-mail first. This will help us provide more accurate information regarding the remaining versions of the Kingstons that are available. We will begin e-mailing the second group on Friday June 24th. We are only taking orders from clients that have submitted deposits already. If we receive orders from customers that do not have a deposit on file we will be assessing a cancellation fee to cover the administrative costs of the cancellation.

We are opening the ordering now because:

A) Based on the current feedback from our Swiss assembler about their current backlog we expect lead times to be abnormally high the remainder of 2011. If we wait until Q4 of this year to finalize the selections the remaining watches will not be completed before we are ready to begin delivery in January 2012. If we dispatch the General Order customers’ selections in the next 10 weeks we expect that the watches will return by the end of Q3 of 2011 and thereby missing the holiday rush.

B) Our staffing situation will change during the summer and as a result it will take longer for us to organize these orders.

C) I anticipate that we will run out of certain dials such as the BGW9 non-date gilt dial. Opening the ordering now will allow us to confirm what is deliverable and refund deposits if a suitable alternative to anyone’s first choice cannot be allocated.

If you do not have a deposit on file for the General Order and would like to subscribe to the waiting list please fill out the form below:
[Waiting list is now closed to new subscribers]

Delivery update….

for the week ending June 11th. We have completed the orders up to and including C27 and pre-built order 54. It should be noted that C26 is still in process and is expected to be completed the week ending June 18th. The BG W9 date dialed Kingstons are currently in Switzerland for assembly. The watches are expected back soon. The C3 date dialed Kingstons will be assembled in the US. In the unlikely event that the BG W9 date watches do not return before we complete the delivery of the first batch of C3 non-date Kingstons we will push up the C3 date dialed Kingstons to the front. This should buy us enough time for the BG W9 date dialed watches to return while mitigating any additional delays. We are currently preparing the last pre-order group of non-date Kingstons for shipment to Switzerland for assembly. The final timing of the shipment will be determined by the summer holiday schedule of our assembler.

While the pace of deliveries is expected to normalize this week, the pace fell off during the week after I returned from Switzerland because of a mild case of heat exhaustion. As paradoxical as it may seem Switzerland can be quite hot in the late spring and summer. The absolute temperature is not as high as it is here in Pennsylvania but the lack of air conditioning makes it very taxing if you are not accustom to the environment. For example one of the hotels I was in did not have any air conditioning in the rooms (you had to keep the windows open to cool down) but among the cars parked out front at any given time included a recent model Ferrari and the current model Mercedes SLS. I was told by a friend during my stay that air conditioning can be rare even in expensive hotels in Switzerland. (It should be noted that I didn’t choose the hotel for its luxury accommodations or price but because it meant I didn’t have to climb the hill up to the bus stop. The streets in this city had an incline that would astonish San Franciscans.) I had anticipated the heat this year but apparently my preparations were not enough. So in short I came back with a case of heat exhaustion similar to what I have had in Taiwan when the temperature reaches 105 degrees in the shade. Of course the difference is in Taiwan everything is air conditioned and only stupid Americans, like yours truly, venture out at 1 pm or go running at any time other than 5 am for that matter.

General Order News:

We will be asking the General Order customers that have already placed deposits to place their final orders in the coming weeks. It is important to note that delivery for the General Order Kingstons will not begin until January 2012. We currently estimate that we will finish the delivery of the Plankowners and Stage 2 pre-orders around the beginning of Q4 2011. The reason for the long lead time is the following:

  • Based on the current feedback from our Swiss assembler about their current backlog we expect lead times to be abnormally high the remainder of 2011
  • If we wait until Q4 of this year to finalize the selections for the General Order customers and submit the components for assembly at that time their watches will not be done by January 2012.
  • If we dispatch the General Order customers’ selections in the next 10 weeks we expect that the watches will return by the end of Q3 of 2011 and thereby missing the holiday rush. The additional advantage to this is that the quality of work should be better if we avoid the year end rush for holiday deliveries.