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Kingston Delivery

a short message from the road. We have finished all non-date C3 Kingstons except for the last order which is to ship to Poland. The order going to Poland will go out the week ending Aug. 13.We didn’t have time to begin the date dialed Kingstons yet. However the date dialed Kingstons did return from… Read More

Delivery update to be…

posted here later today. Sorry for the delay in the updates. One of our European suppliers is making a trip to the US and will be here later this week for a meet and greet. We don’t receive guests very often so this means I am running around cleaning up the shop and working on… Read More

Kingston General Ordering Opening

An e-mail will be going out over the next two days with the ordering details for those customers that submitted a deposit for the General order last year. We are doing the notifications in two batches. The first half of the General Order customers will receive the e-mail first. This will help us provide more… Read More

Delivery update….

for the week ending June 11th. We have completed the orders up to and including C27 and pre-built order 54. It should be noted that C26 is still in process and is expected to be completed the week ending June 18th. The BG W9 date dialed Kingstons are currently in Switzerland for assembly. The watches… Read More

Kingston Delivery update….

to be posted soon. Sorry for the delay. We got a couple things going on right now, in addition to the daily work, including prepping the non-date Kingstons for dispatch to the assembler. I will post a more comprehensive update by tomorrow. A lot of our supplier and contractors will begin summer holidays in about… Read More

Delivery update…

We have completed and shipped orders up to and including C24 and #49 from the pre-built Kingstons. Orders 50-52 and C25 are in process and in various stages of completion at the time that I left on my trip. These orders were expected to have been shipped by the time that I left but the… Read More

Delivery figures to be delayed…

a few more days. I have been trying to update the deliveries during the first half of the week but I just realized that this week was almost over. I am working on the watches and have been all week. Squeezing in the preparation of the next batch of Kingstons to ship out for assembly… Read More

Update: Week ending Apr 29th


A quick note that we completed up to and including C17 and #41 last week. At the moment we are on a pace of 6-8 watches per week. I spent this past Sunday QC’ing more dials and hands for the date dialed Kingstons and concurrently preparing parts kits for the current shipments. My target pace… Read More

Overdue update


Sorry for the late update. I know I missed a week. We were short staffed from the 12th of April through this past Monday the 25th. I spent almost all of that time working on orders and left a lot of the paperwork, and updates, to pile up until we were back to full strength…. Read More

Resumption of delivery…

A quick note until I can fill in more details later tomorrow as I realize that my delivery report is overdue. Last week we completed 8 pieces. One of the reasons for the delay in the update are my efforts this week to continue this pace. Update: At the point of this post we have… Read More