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Kingston GO delivery

The delivery scheduling is in process. Once we get a basic idea of the methodology that we will follow shipments will resume and the Order Status Portal will be updated as needed.

Kingston pre-order shipments

near completion. As noted before we still have two pieces (C61 and C52) that won’t be completed until I return from Basel. While that is quite frustrating for myself and the customers involved all of the remaining watches in the Pre-order and the parts kits that were delayed have shipped today. If you did not get a shipping confirmation from USPS please contact us and we will take care of that on Monday. For the FedEx orders that information will be updated on Monday as well.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and I look forward to beginning the GO shipments when I return from Basel.

Kingston Pre-order delivery update

All the Pre-orders, save two orders, are complete. I still have to pick and pack some dial and hand sets tomorrow but the watches are done. The two pieces that aren’t done yet are C61 and C52. For the former we need more information and C52 has a bad crown, which I need to replace before I can finish it.

Kingston shipment update

We have shipped up to and including Prebuilt #110 and Custom #C60 (C52 and C59 are still in process). We are on track to complete the delivery of the Pre-order watches and parts kits by the end of this month.

As I noted elsewhere we have been continuing to do the more time consuming work of re-working the watches (e.g. stems and hand alignment) and regulation, which is still on schedule. On that basis we have watches up to Prebuilt #125 and Custom #C64 in process and to the point of either requiring the last 2 or all three of the following:

  1. Final clean up of the inside of the case (This is a check we do to make sure there is no lint or other small foreign material inside the case before we close it.) and pressure testing
  2. Installation of the bezel and bracelet
  3. Pick and pack parts kit as required

These last three steps are easier to control time wise and go more or less according to plan. As a result its easier to make up this time later on. This is why, if we ran out of time during the week, we continued to start new Pre-order watches without necessarily finishing the watches that were currently in process. We expect to complete the re-work required, regulation and final testing on the last two pieces of the Pre-order this week. During this week we will also continue to finish the watches that we have started previously. As noted above this puts us on track to complete the deliveries of all of the Pre-order watches and parts kits by the end of February.

General Order Deliveries:

We will begin delivery of the General Order watches by the 3rd week of March. (Please note that the lag is a result of our trip to Basel for the watch fair from March 7th through March 17th). For the General Order we are still working on the scheduling. We are trying to balance efficiency with the actual order in which the orders were placed. As far as time frame is concerned our target is to complete the delivery of the General Order watches by the Middle of October.

Kingston delays….

For the sake of keeping the air clear I wanted to address the delay in Kingston shipments over the last two weeks. As many of you already know during the course of this year we re-structured our operations to be more agile. This restructuring brought with it some side-effects. One effect of the changes is that our business is now more dependent upon the holiday season. The execution of our holiday marketing is what is causing the delays in the delivery of the Kingstons. Placing our emphasis on the Kingston deliveries (i.e. holding back other watches we could have sold) for much of the year meant that the holiday season is that much more important to meeting our goals for the restructuring. I can assure that our profitability this year will reflect the reality that this is a re-building year for us and the additional delay was necessary to keep the company on an even keel. The seasonal efforts are not about maximizing the bottom line but making sure that the gains we made as a result of the restructuring will carry over into next year.

The good news is that the season is going very well and we expect that Kingston delivery volume will recover by next week to levels seen earlier this year.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Kingston: Wait List Ordering

We have just sent out the ordering e-mail and instructions to the 30 customers selected from the Waiting List. Please check y0ur SPAM folders/filters if you do not see the e-mail in your Inbox. If you did not receive the e-mail please contact us through the Order Status Portal.

Over the past weekend we informed the 30 customers that are currently eligible for ordering and the 15 customers we currently can not accommodate. If you are one of these 45 customers and did not receive an e-mail from us please contact us through the Order Status Portal. If any of the 30 eligible customers should relinquish their slot or fail to submit an order or contact us by October 5th we will begin reallocating the open slots to the remaining wait list customers.