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Mk II Warranty Cards put to work


Taiwan 2013 – Daybreak






Books from Basel

Written by the former Executive Director of Richemont Group this book presents in lavish detail the history of JLC. One of my favorite watch companies, I have had my eye on this tome for a few years now. Given its size and weight I had to bide my time before pulling the trigger. This book is more than just a history of JLC describing the ethos of an amazing organization. The production value and information surpassed my expectations. You get the impression that this book was written by someone that cared deeply for the company, its history and its future.

I will do a quick review of the watches that I saw and liked in a few weeks. However since there are plenty of much more capable people than I covering the show I thought you would like to see some of the other interesting aspects of the Basel show. For me I love collecting… Read More

Maxmadco Pen

Maxmadco Pen

What can I say about the Maxmadco pen? It’s a pen. However it may possibly be the last pen you ever own. Clean, modern, disarmingly simple, the pen design is the product of years of thought and consideration. The result is that in your hand the pen feels like you could use it to anchor… Read More

Pre-built watches (aka What the h*ll takes so long!)

We follow the Kingston from start to finish. Not all pre-built watches have such a laborious delivery but this one covered all of the bases.

The Field Trip – The Navy Yard

Philadelphia Navy Yard - Movie Prop Sale. Once a thriving US Navy base the Navy Yard is undergoing a transformation and now serves as the headquarters to a number of companies including Urban Outfitters.

Baselworld 2010


Finally I have a little bit of time to finish by much overdue Baselworld report. Well at least I won’t have to compete for eyeballs now As usual I arrived the day before the fair is opened to the public. At this point the town is still quiet. There are some press around and the… Read More