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PoP – Watch Hands, Pt. 1


  MkII PoP – Watch Hands, Pt. 1 from Mk II Watches on Vimeo. Pt. 1 Next Generation Mk II Sword Hands….Hopefully…   In essence what we are passionate about is making the best watch that we can. The “Sword” hands, as they have come to be known, were actually a part that started our… Read More

【Good Finds】- “Hawker” Glassware


This glassware was once ubiquitous in Taiwan. The sight of them always takes me back to the oppressively hot summers and amazing open air restaurants. Usually decorated with corporate logos such as Taiwan Beer (which is not the oxymoron Westerners automatically assume), 7 Up, Sunkist Soda, or the local root beer, these restaurant glasses were… Read More

Paradive on the road – a photo journey

photo by Gale Straub

Check out this Paradive review by Jon Gaffney who is a Contributing Writer for GearPatrol and Contributing Editor for Huckberry. This year Jon and his girlfriend Gale are documenting their travels as they tour North America in a Merc Sprinter van. Following them on Instagram….. Jon Gaffney ( Gale Straub (  

TAIWAN 2014 – R & R

Just arrived at the Hotel Royal (Chiao Hsi, Yilan Taiwan). Fulcrum on the wrist and Paradive in my watchroll.

A 369 Nassau in Paris – Part 2

at Café de Flore

A 369 Nassau in Paris – Part I

A 369 Nassau in Paris

Cie. Bracelet Montre – Strap Store, Paris

Store Front

  I stumbled across this shop while walking through the St. Germain area during our latest layover in Paris. The brainchild of Hady Ouaiss, a local vintage Rolex dealer, Cie. Bracelet Montre specializes in high-end watch straps for customers that might describe themselves as strap collectors rather than watch collectors. This latest venture was just… Read More

“Heartbleed”: Mk II E-boutique/CSP is secure

We have updated our systems where necessary to safeguard your information. The potential for issues such as “Heartbleeed” is one of the reasons that our system does not store any credit card numbers. As an added precaution we do recommend that customers change their passwords for our systems (the E-boutique/CSP).

2014-04-11: New Update Procedure

Over the years I have struggled to get information about running projects out to customers in a clear and direct way. Normally I do this through our forum on WUS but frankly it has proved to be less than the ideal medium for this. The updates generally get lost in a blizzard of posts, questions,… Read More

Q & A serial with Bill Yao


1. Why did you choose the 12-hr bezel for the Fulcrum 1000-series? I have collected military watches for quite some time. The 12-hour bezel was originally developed by the US military  for use on its issued dive watches back in the late 1960s/early 1970s and is detailed in the military specification Mil-W-50717. This type of… Read More