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Revising the Project 300 page…

so that we ca try to consolidate as much of the information and links to forum discussions in one location. With the Kingston project too much information was scattered within threads and just around the forum despite our use of sticky threads. When new ideas or details are adopted during the course of the forum… Read More

Start thinking of some names… :D

for the Project 300 watch that we will use on the dial and/or case back. We should be able to start the design phase shortly. I have studied the sample SM 300 that I purchased a few months back and have begun the sketches of the case body. So far the most significant change that… Read More

Sample SM300

I have just purchased an SM300 to use as a reference. It should be here in about 7-10 days.

Pre-orders resuming

Pre-orders for the Project 300 are resuming again. The information page is listed under the Professional Series in our Watch collections. I look forward to getting this project off the ground!

Survey sent!

I have just sent out the e-mail update for the Project 300. If you have a deposit for the Project 300 please keep an eye out for it and take the survey that is included in the e-mail. If you do not receive the e-mail please check your SPAM folder first. If you still do… Read More


I have the pricing in and will be working on creating the survey so that we can finally figure out if we should continue with the project based on the upgraded specifications. Sorry for the delay but with European side of the watch industry going on vacation it was very trying to get information about… Read More