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Project 300 Surveys

I will review the open threads tomorrow and begin finalizing the survey’s required so that we can nail down: * The size of the Project 300 * A name for the watch (I will also throw my own suggestions into the running) 2011, Oct 12 Update: I will be reviewing the threads on Thursday evening…. Read More

Back on the online in a day or so….

I have been installing new software and hardware at the shop and at home to improve our flexibility and efficiency. We have also been converting our work flow to a new schedule to coincide with the software we are using to manage watch builds and deliveries. Updates to the running projects will also be posted… Read More

Case size discussion now open

on our WUS forum. After the discussion of the size option is done we will be sending out a survey to finalize the size of the watch. For the 100 Plankowners were are currently working on some admin including: Making sure the current list of Plankowners is on the e-mail mailing list Entering the deposits… Read More

Project 300 pre-order closed

I just closed the Project 300 pre-order. The link is still up on the E-boutique and if you click on it you will be re-directed to a mailing list. The mailing list will be used to contact potential customers if an opening should come up from someone else dropping out of the project. We will… Read More

Discussion links open

I have opened the forum discussion links on WUS. The link to the threads can be found on the Project 300 page. I will do my best to check-in and guide the discussion. I will be traveling to Taipei tomorrow so I may not be able to check-in until Monday but will try.

Project 300 update

I had a chance to review the size issue more closely. When I arrive at my destination I will see if I can open the discussion threads. I may not be able to send the survey out but I will try. I still expect to be able to post to the forum from my destination.Good… Read More

I am still chasing down…

a few stragglers on the Project 300 survey. The results are close but I need to get a few more people to take the survey before I can close it. In the mean time I am checking with the case supplier and working through the size options for the next survey/poll. In addition to my… Read More

Proposed modifications to pre-order terms

I have just sent an e-mail to all of the active Project 300 Plank Owners with a link to a survey that requires their feedback. The survey will only take a minute. The survey is to get your approval for a modification of the pre-order terms that will enable us to close the pre-order and… Read More

Preparing for the start…

of the project design phase. As you may or may not have noticed the Project 300 page on the site has been going through a gradual transformation over the last week. We have been working through a iterative process this week with the goal of making the Project 300 information easier to find, follow, and… Read More

Revising the Project 300 page…

so that we ca try to consolidate as much of the information and links to forum discussions in one location. With the Kingston project too much information was scattered within threads and just around the forum despite our use of sticky threads. When new ideas or details are adopted during the course of the forum… Read More