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2016-08-30: Project 300 Update

Here is an update on the Project 300:

  • Most of the case parts have been approved for mass production.
  • The 2 components that are still waiting on our approval are the click spring and the bracelet end-link.
  • We re-designed the bracelet end link after seeing the first round of samples. We will post a pic of both after the new end-link sample has been delivered for our review. We hope that you will agree that the re-design was worth the effort. The bracelet and the case parts can proceed in parallel so the delay in the mass production of the bracelet will not effect the case production. The end-link re-design should not have an significant impact on the overall schedule.

2016-08-16: Hawkinge Non-date

The Hawkinge non-date is expected back in stock by the end of August. We will have to spend time inspecting the latest shipment so they should be available for order again beginning in September 2016

2016-08-12: Project 300 update

A brief update on the Project 300:

* The second round of dial samples are in and I hope to get these into mass production in the next month or so.

* Part of what is keeping me busy is we are in the final stages of clearing the cases for mass production. Barring any unexpected problems we should have the approval completed by next week.

2016-07-12: Updates

Working on Key West deliveries for the first half of this week. I know updates to these projects are overdue so I will do my best to post some updates within the next week or so.

2016-06-15: Hawkinge Deliveries

The orders that have been placed have been scheduled. We should be able to publish the estimated ship dates within the next few days. Thank you for your support and patience.

2016-06-14: E-boutique payment issue FIXED

Right now payment processing on our E-boutique site is down. The site is up but it is not able to process payments. We are currently trying to track down the source of the problem.

(UPDATE) The payment system is fixed and back online.