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Vacation Notice: July 2nd – 19th

We will be on vacation from the 2nd through the 19th.

2015-07-01: Project 300

I received the drawings for the last 3 parts I was waiting on. Unfortunately they were not received early enough for me to review before our annual pilgrimage to Taiwan to visit the in-laws (which begins in 12 hours from now). As long as these last three drawings don’t have any issues I should be… Read More

2015-07-01: Project GMT Update

I am leaving in 12 hours for our annual pilgrimage to Taiwan to visit the in-laws so please excuse the brevity of this update: Right now we are working through the date wheel printing process. We QC’d the first batch and are going through the second printing to build additional inventory The first round of… Read More

2015-06-18: Project GMT Ordering/Updates

Ordering: The June/July round will begin June 22nd. To submit your email address for the lottery please see this page. Please note that there will be no July round because the office will be in vacation mode from July 2nd through July 20th. We will do the June and July rounds in June. We have… Read More

2015-06-09: Project GMT

A quick update: * We have worked up a couple of ideas for the case back engraving. We will post these as soon as we can for everyone’s review * I have finished refining the bezel insert design. The changes are subtle improvements over the original posted to the site. * We will be submitting… Read More

2015-05-21: Project 300 Drawings

I just submitted the latest comments/revisions for the case and bracelet drawings. The issues are minor. At this point, assuming no surprises, I  expect that we will be able to sign-off on the drawings and begin the sampling phase in June 2015.

2015-05-13: Project 300 Design Feedback

We received the latest iteration of the technical drawings.

2015-05-13: Project GMT Date wheels

The first batch of date wheels have arrived. I hope to review them next week and check their technical issues before moving onto the aesthetic QC.

PoP – Watch Hands, Pt. 1


  MkII PoP – Watch Hands, Pt. 1 from Mk II Watches on Vimeo. Pt. 1 Next Generation Mk II Sword Hands….Hopefully…   In essence what we are passionate about is making the best watch that we can. The “Sword” hands, as they have come to be known, were actually a part that started our… Read More

2015-05-04: Project GMT May Round

We will collect email addresses here until the end of day May 5th and then we will begin the lottery for the May round.