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2017-09-20: Paradive Gen 3 Update

Final selection ordering for pre-order customers should open in the next 5-7 days. We have been checking the timing on the watches and want to take a few more days for the following:

* Check the inserts to make sure nothing goofy has happened.
* Waiting on word from the rubber strap vendor to see when we will receive the straps (already into the 2nd delay so hopefully we get good news soon. They are supposed to be ready next week…..may be. If the straps weren’t so damn good I would have dropped these guys a long time ago.)
* Finish getting organized for the rest of the QC and shipments.

For General Ordering:

* We are still deciding when to open up ordering since it will take a few weeks to get the pre-orders out the door. In any event we will send an email out to anyone on the mailing list.

To sign-up for the mailing list:

General Mailing List

Paradive Gen 3 Mailing List

2017-09-13: Project 300 Update

We are preparing the ordering email and ordering pages for the Project 300 customers at this time. We expect that the email will be able to go out tomorrow. For the 2nd stage pre-order customers we will begin asking for your final selections and payments in October/November 2017.

Updates on the project’s progress and other administrative details:

  • Project updates are posted on the Mk II site and will not be sent by email.
  • Case parts QC/QA will begin soon. If the QC goes well we hope to begin deliveries in Q4-2017 or Q1-2018. It is unlikely we will be able to make any deliveries in time for the holidays – I know that’s in Q4 but better not to get any ones hopes up, a lot can happen during QC. Also we don’t want to rush the assembly of parts we haven’t worked with before. (All QC and assembly work is performed in the USA)
  • Case parts continue to arrive.
  • The dials have been approved for mass production and are due to be completed in Q4.
  • The hands are in process
  • Order and logistics details:
    • Scheduling will be performed based on the sales order number for your earliest deposit for this project.
    • When customers place their final selection orders the new sales order number that is generated will be the order they will follow through delivery.
    • The address on the final order will be the one we will deliver to unless updated. The address information in the final order will supersede all previous address information.
    • 2nd Stage Pre-ordering will close in October 2017.

Thank you very much to the Project 300 supporters – the Plankowners in particular. This project has required more time than any of us expected so we are so glad to be entering the final stages. The Project 300 will represent the last of our legacy projects (i.e. Using our old funding methods and project structure). For any future projects we will be able to restructure the process to significantly reduce development times. Again thank you for your patience and support!


2017-08-30: Paradive Gen 3 Update

The first batch of watches has arrived. We are still waiting on the delivery of the 12-hr GMT inserts in aluminum and the rubber straps. Both of those parts should be delivered in the next 2-3 weeks.

The ordering email due out in August is behind schedule because I am behind on paperwork. The good news is that the QC of the received watches has begun and so far so good. I expect that we will be sending out the final selection emails in the 1-2 weeks….I just need to find a day or two to set up the ordering system and test it before we can send out the email.

Thanks for your patience and support!

2017-08-24: Project 300 Update

Quick update:

  • Dials: Just signed off on the mass production of the date and non-date dials. I had to give them some comments but I don’t believe there is any use in going through another round of samples. Hopefully they feel the same and mass production will begin. Either way I will update the status later on.
  • Hands: Finally over the jet lag. I want to pack up these hands in the next week or so and get them on their way to the lume-specialist to get the hands glowing. The new hand cards held well while I was away so it looks like the new packaging will be ready for their first big test. (I had a card of hands on the bench standing upright for the last 5 weeks and all of the hands stayed on ūüėČ
  • Case parts: Bracelets have arrived and more cases have arrived. Following up with the vendor on the remainder of the parts we ordered.
  • QC: I hope to begin QC of the case parts in earnest within the next couple of weeks.


2017-08-17: Paradive Gen 3 Delivery

  • The production watches for the Paradive Gen 3 ready-to-wear are expected to ship to us in the next few days. After receipt we will begin QC.
  • Pre-order Customers: We will email you to request your final selections in the next week or two. We will send out the notifications after we begin QC and we take some product shots of the final version that will be available, the 12-hr GMT aluminum insert version.
  • The rubber straps for the Paradive are in production. In truth the straps were to have been delivered to us in July but at the last minute the vendor emailed us to tell us our order wouldn’t be ready until September. So if you want your Paradive on the a UK MoD style strap there will be no delays in shipment. If you want your watch on the rubber strap shipment may be delayed depending upon when the vendor finally makes delivery of the straps to us.
  • General ordering: This will open in September. If you would like us to email you when ordering opens please add yourself to our mailing list if you haven’t already!

2017-07-31: Project 300 Update

Here is a long overdue update:

  • Non-date dial is ready to be approved for mass production
  • Date dial….I have been¬†reviewing these while I¬†have been in traveling in Taiwan. They look good overall and should be ready for approval for mass production. I will¬†go over them one more time¬†when I get back to the shop.
  • Hands – We have been¬†testing the packaging for the next part¬†of the production process, luminizing. I had hoped to get these off to the vendor in June but a review of a second test batch of hands they did revealed some problems with the packaging that we were providing. The packaging caused a high rate of scrap. We are going back to the type of packaging we used in the first test batch but needed to make improvements to that packaging. The testing of the packaging delayed the shipment of the parts but we should be ready to send the parts out in the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Case parts: Parts have been coming in. The remainder of the batch that is due is expected to ship in September.

I have to apologize in advance if this update raises additional questions I did not anticipate. Normally I have the time to put more thought into these updates but this one was so overdue that it was better to get this posted than to wait until I had more time.

As always thank you for your patience and support!