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2014-02-25: Communication delays

The communication delays will lessen over the next few weeks but may not significantly improve for the next 2-3 weeks. After a visit to my doctor it appears I have picked up some sort of virus and these things can take 2-6 weeks to clear up and they have to do this on their own. I am in week 4 right now so hopefully not much longer to go now. I took last week off, mostly involuntarily, to try to get an upper hand on the virus but given the prognosis and the limited success of the break it’s time to get back to work. I will apologize in advance if any of my communication is less than polite as the virus has me feeling groggy and also cranky at the same time. As always thank you for everyone’s patience.

2014-02-12: Severe Weather Inbound

We are expecting another round of bad weather coming in tonight. The last bout of winter weather left 500K people in our area without power for several days. This new storm coming has already left a number of people farther south without power. We were lucky last week as we only lost power for several hours. There is no reason to expect that our luck will hold this time around. This storm looks to be just as bad if not worse than the last one.

The bad weather and a cold I have been fighting have been slowing work down here. Shipments so far are unaffected but paperwork is backing up. If you don’t hear from us these next few days please be patient.