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Orders Awaiting Scheduling

Currently we have scheduled orders up to the end of day January 2nd. We should be “caught-up” by the end of this week.

Q & A serial with Bill Yao


1. Why did you choose the 12-hr bezel for the Fulcrum 1000-series? I have collected military watches for quite some time. The 12-hour bezel was originally developed by the US military¬† for use on its issued dive watches back in the late 1960s/early 1970s and is detailed in the military specification Mil-W-50717. This type of… Read More

Normal service to resume January 6th

I wasn’t intending to take more than a few days off for the holidays but after catching a cold in NYC it stretched out to New Years Day. We are back in the office but we will aim to have everything back to normal by Monday.