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【Good Finds】- “Hawker” Glassware



This glassware was once ubiquitous in Taiwan. The sight of them always takes me back to the oppressively hot summers and
amazing open air restaurants. Usually decorated with corporate logos such as Taiwan Beer (which is not the oxymoron Westerners
automatically assume), 7 Up, Sunkist Soda, or the local root beer, these restaurant glasses were used for a variety of beverage
including Cognac, Whiskey, the local high-test hootch as well as beer, and soda.

To me these glasses have become ambassadors of brotherhood and the renewal of familial bonds. Asian restaurants have historically
served their food and their alcohol “family” style and these glasses were designed with this custom in mind. Whenever I see these glasses
I always “see” a group of people gathered around a large table in a casual restaurant or something slightly less stable than a card table,
street side, burning down a few while bullshitting each other after a long work day. My ever resourceful wife was able to help me rescue
this set of glasses from the storage locker of a friend of a friend whose family once operated a restaurant. Experience has shown that everyone
in Taiwan is twice removed from everyone else, no doubt the product of drink.


2014-11-25: Project GMT


  • Mock-ups of the 6 options have been posted in the E-boutique and on the Project GMT page.
  • Order for the next round of the 2nd Stage Pre-Order opens November 30th at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)
  • Please note that there will be no ordering round in December. After the November round ordering will resume in January.

2014-11-18: Project 300 Drawings

I finished the internal review of the drawings that we created for the project. We will be submitting the drawings to the case supplier by Sunday. I will confirm again when this important step has been completed.

2014-11-18: Project GMT Mock-up

A number of customers in the last round asked to see a mock-up of the Project GMT, and rightfully so. I completed the images this evening. I need to cut and edit them to size. We should be able to post them on the main site and hopefully in the E-boutique as well before Sunday.

Paradive on the road – a photo journey


photo by Gale Straub


photo by Gale Straub


photo by Gale Straub


photo by Jon Gaffney


photo by Jon Gaffney


photo by Gale Straub


photo by Gale Straub

photo by Gale Straubphoto by Gale Straubphoto by Gale Straubphoto by Jon Gaffneyphoto by Jon Gaffneyphoto by Gale Straubphoto by Gale Straub

Check out this Paradive review by Jon Gaffney who is a Contributing Writer for GearPatrol and Contributing Editor for Huckberry.
This year Jon and his girlfriend Gale are documenting their travels as they tour North America in a Merc Sprinter van.
Following them on Instagram…..

Jon Gaffney (
Gale Straub (


Project GMT: Dials

The drawings for the dials have been approved. We should have samples available for review in a few weeks’ time. I will naturally post an update here when we know more about the timing.

The hands have arrived. They are in the queue awaiting inspection.