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New watchmaker repair services

Literally we have gone through what must be close to a dozen watchmakers over the years. All of them well regarded and recommended but always falling short in one aspect or another. Finally we are pleased to announce our partnership with Midwest Watch & Clock (ā€œMWWCā€)of Missouri (USA). After years of searching for a suitable watchmaker we finally found in MWWC a watchmaker that can perform repairs and routine services to Mk II standards. This also means that Mk II will stand behind the quality of any repairs/service performed on our watches by MWWC.

James Schudy, owner of MWWC, is a second generation watchmaker, having learned the craft as an apprentice to his uncle, an old school master and watchmaker to the Ft. Worth based railroads. After spending many years in aviation working with a different kind of high precision machine, James rekindled his passion for watches and returned to watchmaking full time in 2010. In addition to working with us, MWWC provides wristwatch service, repair, restoration, and customization.

What you need to know:

  • You can contact either James or I for guidance on repairs.
  • If you believe you have a warranty claim please contact Mk II directly. This is so that we can keep track of potential issues as well as pre-clear any warranty repairs.
  • For out of warranty repairs and regular service we recommend that you contact James directly. A $65 quotation fee is required, which can be credited towards any repairs performed. In these instances you can start with this page where you purchase a quotation package and then James will contact you with the next steps. To get the full quotation you will have to send the watch in for evaluation. James will be able to purchase on your behalf any Mk II parts you require to complete repairs to your Mk II watch.
  • MWWC will not be able to customize your Mk II watch. MWWC is bound by the same direct-exchange policy that applies to any watchmaker that contacts us for replacement parts. The original part must first be returned to us before we will be able to sell you a new replacement part of the exact same style/type.

Links you can use to submit a service request:

We hope that you will find this as a welcome addition to our capabilities and sign of our continuing commitment to improving the Mk II experience.

E-boutique: Heavy Lifting Completed

Well I think we are all set. There is still that one bug with the mailing list sign-up for the out of stock stuff.

Here is a short run-down:

1) I have uploaded all of the existing customers. When you first login there will be some housekeeping. Not all of the information uploaded so sometimes your State or Country will be missing. We ask that correct these omissions when you get a chance. There is one group of customers that we had trouble uploading. If you login and see a bunch of “N/A”s and that you are all of a sudden a US resident living in Pennsylvania you will know that you were one of the trickier accounts to upload. I spent about 4 hours last night trying to figure out how to make the system upload these accounts but at about 12 am I figured that its best to just cut my losses and plug in some dummy data that the system would accept.

2) There is one module we haven’t tested yet and it is a new shipment and tracking notification service. I don’t know how to test it yet, short of mailing myself a package so we will see what the deal with that is. If I can get it to work it will be a nice service that automatically updates you about changes in tracking status.

3) We will be keeping PayPal payments for the time being. I think I found a way to cut down on a lot of paperwork, including the PayPal entries, that semi-automates the process. If it proves to be successful we should all win. I get less work and headache and you guys get to keep paying with PayPal šŸ˜€

4) One plus though….(re PayPal)…you can now pay directly through the site. No more follow-up e-mails and manually sending in payment.

5) One casualty of the process. As much as I prefer to receive payments via check or MO the reality was that the number of non-payment orders and the admin they caused made this unsustainable. We cut this option from the shopping cart.

We will try to put together a slide show that outlines the new features of the site. I am really pleased with the functionality that we have been able to add. We are a few steps closer to a e-boutique that works a lot more like the big-boys šŸ˜€

P.S. If you still find glitches please post here…….I may be done with all of the heavy lifting but I am sure there is more to tweak ;p

E-boutique now live….

The site is up and we are loading the existing customers into the server right now. If you have an account with us and certainly if you have ordered from us before the system will automatically generate a new password for you and e-mail it to you.

Please post any bugs in the system in this thread on our forum. All we know now is that the important stuff is right (i.e. security) but I am sure there are settings we haven’t covered or other process related “things” that have to be adjusted.

Thanks for everyone’s patience. Normal service should resume tomorrow. Kindly note that there is a backlog of correspondence I will have to work down.

UPDATE: Error message on the Customer Service portal. You may get the following message on the Customer Service Portal “A Cross Site Request Forgery attempt has been detected; cannot continue with the required action.” – We have submitted a ticket to the service provider and are waiting to hear back. It looks like this error message is the result of perhaps our moving servers and/or new security protocol with the Customer Service Portal software.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Customer Service Portal back online! (2013-09-10)

Re-launch of E-boutique

We pushed really hard to try to re-launch the site today but ran into an unexpected formatting problem with the site late this afternoon. We hope to get this taken care of early next week. At this time we expect to re-launch the E-boutique early next week.

Mk II Warranty Cards put to work








E-boutique & Transition Update

So far so good (we are running on the new servers). The changeover has been relatively painless, aside from all the work involved. Right now we are doing testing and getting back in the swing of normal operations. There will be some rough edges when we launch the site but short of a full catastrophe we plan to launch on Friday (Sept. 6th) – inputting all of the data took more time than expected. We could go live right now but I want to do some more testing. If things go according to plan we should be back to normal next week.

* E-mails are up and should be working fine
* When the site goes live you will receive an e-mail with a new password for the new e-boutique.
* To be honest I don’t know right now if your old orders will show up in the new site but the Customer Service Portal will still have the relevant information. If I can’t get them to upload I hope there won’t be mass panic as the old system didn’t do a good job in this respect. This is the real issue with transitioning to a new system. No matter how much material you read to get ready you never really know exactly what’s going to happen until after your live.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and continued patience.