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Hurricane Sandy

We have made preparations for the hurricane. Personally I am hunkered down in the shop and ready to work as long as I can through the storm. When hurricane Irene came through we didn’t loose our power but based on our history with this location we still expect to lose power for a period of time. We are surrounded by a lot of much larger companies so we expect power to be restored relatively quickly if we do lose power. The local schools are closed for Monday and Tuesday, the wife is off work tomorrow, and you couldn’t find a battery larger than AA at the local Home Depot so everyone is preparing for the worst.

I can only expect that we may be offline from Monday through Thursday but I will certainly post if I can later this week once the storm passes.

Nassau: Scheduling update

I have completed the scheduling and created the tickets for the returning 24 customers. I have scheduled but have not created the tickets for the remaining customers. Given the volume of orders we will take care of this over the course of the next week. Thank you for your patience.
















Nassau: Scheduling

The estimated delivery times will be posted to the Customer Service Portal by Thursday for the returning customers. For everyone else (those that were not part of the group of 24 returning customers, whose orders we had to cancel in June) we will publish the delivery timetable on Tuesday Oct. 16th at the latest.

I was working on the scheduling today and realized that we had to wait for the discount period for the returning customers to expire before we could finalize the work schedule. In any event we are booked through the end of December at this point. The lead time has been updated on the E-boutique to reflect this.

New dial (v 3.2)

New version of the dial (v 3.2) posted to the forum.

Nassau ordering re-opened

Thank you for everyone’s patience. With the help of our vendors we were able to solve the crown issue and are pleased to announce the re-opening of Nassau ordering. There are a few things to note:

* The lead time listed in the E-boutique is 7 weeks: The reason for the long lead time is that we are giving priority to new orders placed by the returning customers whose orders we had to cancel in June due to the crown problem.  Assuming that they all place an order we expect that it will take 6 weeks for us to deliver all of those watches. If you are not a member of those 24 people your order will be scheduled after their orders. There is a reasonable probability that not all of the 24 people will re-instate their orders. In that case the lead time will be lower than stated on the site. We will do our best to update the lead time on a daily basis if required.

* Please note that the Nassau will now feature a double gasket screw down crown. The original crown triple-gasket crown and the current double-gasket crown look essentially the same. The water resistance is also the same.

* If the customers whose June orders we had to cancel do re-instate their orders they are eligible for a 5 % discount. These customers will have one week from today to take advantage of this offer after which the discount will expire and all orders after this point will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

* The e-mail for the 24 customers, whose original orders we had to cancel, has just been sent out. If you are one of those customers and do not see the e-mail in your inbox please check your SPAM folder or e-mail us.

* We will make the official announcement for those on the Nassau mailing list by Monday.