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New dial (v 3.2)

New version of the dial (v 3.2) posted to the forum.

Nassau ordering re-opened

Thank you for everyone’s patience. With the help of our vendors we were able to solve the crown issue and are pleased to announce the re-opening of Nassau ordering. There are a few things to note: * The lead time listed in the E-boutique is 7 weeks: The reason for the long lead time is… Read More

New Gallery added….

We have added a Tumblr account to our site that will also act as our Gallery on the main site. We will be posting our own pics as well as an edited selection of customer pics we receive and ones that are posted on our forum.

Kingston BG W9 Update

We have just finished updating the tickets for the last batch of Kingston (BG W9) with the estimated ship dates. If you did not receive the e-mail copy from your ticket kindly check your SPAM folder or login to your Order Status Portal account to review the information. Thank you for your continued patience with… Read More

Kingston Update

We are in the last two weeks of the Kingston C3 deliveries. We expect to begin work on the BG W9 watches during the last week of September. Currently I am projecting that the deliveries of the BG W9 watches will run through the middle of November. Work tickets for the respective customers will be… Read More



Shipping delays

There are delays with regards to shipments. I accounted for the jet lag after I got back but not the stomach flu. I cleared the stomach flu about a day or two ago and my body is slowly returning to normal. I have family obligations this weekend so I will update tickets for the current… Read More

Back from our trip….

I got back a few days ago and have spent the last few days just getting settled again. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are back to work but just a little worse for wear because of the jet lag and so getting back into the swing of things again is taking… Read More

Delivery issue with the Mk II Nassau….

We have run into an unexpected problem with the production of the Nassau which will delay its delivery. During our inspection of the watches we discovered that the crowns were not functioning within the technical specification. While we do not believe the issue would affect customers directly we feel that the watch as it is… Read More

Kingston GO BG W9

The Swiss assembly of the BG W9 version of the Kingstons is complete and we expect that the shipment will arrive early next week.