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Kingston Pre-order delivery update

All the Pre-orders, save two orders, are complete. I still have to pick and pack some dial and hand sets tomorrow but the watches are done. The two pieces that aren’t done yet are C61 and C52. For the former we need more information and C52 has a bad crown, which I need to replace… Read More

Order Status portal is now working…

as normal. Please note that the portal has been down since Feb 25th until this morning so please do re-send any correspondence that you can’t confirm we received through the order status portal. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Order status portal down…

There is an error message that says the licensed has expired. Since payment for the service we use was submitted less than a week ago there must be a glitch on their end of the billing system. We have submitted a service request and are waiting to hear back from them. Sorry for any inconvenience…. Read More

Project 300 Name survey now open

The Plankowner’s name survey has been sent out via e-mail. If you did not get this e-mail please submit a ticket or post a response to your existing ticket for your deposit. We will get back to you later next week when we are back to full strength. There is also a more general survey… Read More

Kingston shipment update

We have shipped up to and including Prebuilt #110 and Custom #C60 (C52 and C59 are still in process). We are on track to complete the delivery of the Pre-order watches and parts kits by the end of this month. As I noted elsewhere we have been continuing to do the more time consuming work… Read More