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Project GMT Pre-order is Full…

at this point. We will be reviewing the pre-orders received tomorrow and Thursday. The Project GMT has been taken off the e-boutique for now and we will insert a placeholder there that will re-direct you to the mailing list sign-up. The mailing list will also serve as a wait list. For those customers that don’t make it onto the Pre-order as it is now we will automatically add you to the mailing list and refund your payment.

If you didn’t make it onto the pre-order but would like to receive updates on this project or any potential openings in the pre-order please use the following form to add yourself to the mailing list. Please note that this mailing list will only be used for the Project GMT. You will not receive any additional mailings from Mk II. To sign up for our general mailing list please use the link at the top right hand corner of the site.