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Happy holidays and Christmas Break

We will be taking a short break between now and Dec. 26th. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2013!

Paradive Sapphire Inlay back in stock

Paradive Sapphire (12-hr GMT insert) now available (quantities limited) in date only, day/date, and non-date versions ________________________________________   Paradive Sapphire (Dive insert) now available in date only, day/date, and non-date versions

Status Update: Nov. 16, 2012

We are finally close to getting completely back to normal after the hurricane. We focused this week and last week on getting caught up on watch shipments. I am happy to say that we are back on schedule. We only have a few more Kingston shipments before we are finished delivering all of the pre-orders!… Read More

Ordering confirmations for this week

For those orders placed this week (Oct. 30th – Nov. 4th) the order confirmation along with estimated ship dates will be generated and e-mailed to you next week. Sorry for the delay. I had to spend as much time as I could trying to catch up on shipments this week given the power outage resulting… Read More

Let there be light!

We finally got our power back. Quite a relief. No time for long messages. Quite a bit of work to get to

Power outtage

Finally lost power but still have plenty I can do in the mean time. Hope to be back to full service by Thursday.

Hurricane Sandy

We have made preparations for the hurricane. Personally I am hunkered down in the shop and ready to work as long as I can through the storm. When hurricane Irene came through we didn’t loose our power but based on our history with this location we still expect to lose power for a period of… Read More

Nassau: Scheduling update

I have completed the scheduling and created the tickets for the returning 24 customers. I have scheduled but have not created the tickets for the remaining customers. Given the volume of orders we will take care of this over the course of the next week. Thank you for your patience.



Nassau: Scheduling

The estimated delivery times will be posted to the Customer Service Portal by Thursday for the returning customers. For everyone else (those that were not part of the group of 24 returning customers, whose orders we had to cancel in June) we will publish the delivery timetable on Tuesday Oct. 16th at the latest. I… Read More