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Kingston: Wait List Ordering

We have just sent out the ordering e-mail and instructions to the 30 customers selected from the Waiting List. Please check y0ur SPAM folders/filters if you do not see the e-mail in your Inbox. If you did not receive the e-mail please contact us through the Order Status Portal. Over the past weekend we informed… Read More

Kingston: Delivery Update

At this point we have finished orders through and including C48 and 72. At this pace we estimate that all of the date dialed Kingstons will be shipped by October 23rd. At that point we will be able to begin the shipment of last batch of the pre-order non-date Kingstons (both the BG W9 and… Read More

Lead times for pre-built updated

The lead times for the Paradive and the Sea Fighter have been revised down. The lead time for the Paradive is currently 4 weeks and the lead time for the Sea Fighter is currently 6 weeks.  

Ordering and bookkeeping back to normal.

We finally closed our books for 2010. The accounting system is back online. Thanks for everyone’s patience. As the taxes are filed and the article for the 2012 Wristwatch Annual is due tomorrow the pace of work will be re-focused on watches and the currently running projects next week.

Delivery update….

a quick note as its the end of another 17 hour work day. I have finished up to number 69 and C43. C40 was delayed but now on schedule to ship on Saturday the 17th. The next batch of Kingstons have arrived in Switzerland for assembly. No word yet on the turnaround time. This assembly… Read More

Delays in payment/order confirmation….

We are finally filing our taxes for fiscal 2010. As a result our accountant needs us to stop work on our books for a few days while they close the books on fiscal 2010. This may result in delays in order and payment confirmations such as those for the Kingston Parts kits placed after 3… Read More

Delivery status updated soon…

Sorry I know that I have been remiss in keeping the delivery schedule updated. The new work schedule has been very demanding and in combination with the fact that we are closing our 2010 books its been as hectic as usual here. Date dialed Kingstons have been shipping for last 3 weeks now. I will… Read More

The Field Trip – The Navy Yard

Philadelphia Navy Yard - Movie Prop Sale. Once a thriving US Navy base the Navy Yard is undergoing a transformation and now serves as the headquarters to a number of companies including Urban Outfitters.

Kingston Parts Kit link sent!

The e-mail has gone out with the link for the parts kit. If you are eligible for the parts kit and have not received the e-mail please contact us through the Order Status Portal. If you have already submitted your parts kit order via the ticket system or via e-mail you can dis-regard the e-mail.

Kingston Parts Kit Update

We completed an audit of the parts kit situation and determined that we only contacted the customers in the first 100 deliveries, which excluded some Plankowners. We will be sending out an e-mail with an ordering link later this afternoon for the remaining customers that need to submit their selections for the parts kit.