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Implentation of new software…

in our continuing effort to improve customer service and the customer experience with Mk II we will be implementing new software that will help us manage watch builds and deliveries. This may lead to delays in scheduling new orders over the next few days.

After studying the software for the last 3 weeks I feel reasonably comfortable that we can begin to use it. In any event I can not afford to spend any more time on this as we have a lot of watches to deliver. I will be transferring all of our data to the new software over the next 2-3 days; consolidating the pre-built watch scheduling with the Kingston deliveries. Theoretically this will enable us to provide delivery dates for the Kingston but please note that the reliability of these estimates can not be known and there will be a learning curve for the proper use of this software (i.e. expect SNAFUs). Initially, we will not be publishing any delivery dates based on the software for the Kingston deliveries until we can operate with the software for a few weeks and see how it handles delays as well as my ability to keep up with the schedule.