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Hurricane Irene

We are just assuming we will lose power here for at least  a day. Hopefully only on Sunday but we will see. The shop is in an area that for some reason tends to lose power easily during high wind conditions. Although the forecast says we will miss the brunt of the hurricane I am operating on the assumption that the high winds will knock out our power for a period of time. Please expect that we may be offline for a day or two early next week depending upon how the storm tracks up the East Coast.

In the meantime I am going to jam as much watch work into today as I can. Right after I grab some canned food, as I still expect to try to work on Sunday when the storm arrives.

Implentation of new software…

in our continuing effort to improve customer service and the customer experience with Mk II we will be implementing new software that will help us manage watch builds and deliveries. This may lead to delays in scheduling new orders over the next few days.

After studying the software for the last 3 weeks I feel reasonably comfortable that we can begin to use it. In any event I can not afford to spend any more time on this as we have a lot of watches to deliver. I will be transferring all of our data to the new software over the next 2-3 days; consolidating the pre-built watch scheduling with the Kingston deliveries. Theoretically this will enable us to provide delivery dates for the Kingston but please note that the reliability of these estimates can not be known and there will be a learning curve for the proper use of this software (i.e. expect SNAFUs). Initially, we will not be publishing any delivery dates based on the software for the Kingston deliveries until we can operate with the software for a few weeks and see how it handles delays as well as my ability to keep up with the schedule.

Kingston deliveries resuming and GO news

I am resuming work on the date dialed Kingstons this week.

At the moment we are reviewing and cataloging the general orders received before we left on our break.

There is also some good news for those of you on the waiting list for the General Order. There will be some slots available. About 75% of you will be eligible for watches. The final list of eligible customers will be selected at random using a lottery. News will be posted within the next week or so after we confirm the number of open slots. The “collector” for the waiting list has been closed and we will not be taking additional wait list requests unless for some reason we are not able to fill the available slots using the current participants on the wait list. In that case we will post the news here. We will not be accepting requests to be added to the wait list even if posted to the Order Status Portal or via e-mail.

Case size discussion now open

on our WUS forum. After the discussion of the size option is done we will be sending out a survey to finalize the size of the watch.

For the 100 Plankowners were are currently working on some admin including:

  1. Making sure the current list of Plankowners is on the e-mail mailing list
  2. Entering the deposits into the Order Status Portal (this will take longer)


The Vantage is back in stock…

again! These will be the last 40 pieces that will be made. This model will be discontinued when this batch is sold out. The Vantage will not be re-designed like the Stingray or the Sea Fighter. This model will be permanently discontinued and it’s possible that we may transfer the name to a future dive watch project instead. We are working on a new pilot’s watch but everything is still only in the planning stages and as a result no specific details, other than to say it will be completely different from the Vantage, are available at this time.

Project 300 pre-order closed

I just closed the Project 300 pre-order. The link is still up on the E-boutique and if you click on it you will be re-directed to a mailing list. The mailing list will be used to contact potential customers if an opening should come up from someone else dropping out of the project. We will also use the list to update people on availability of the watch.

I will be working on the size survey over the next week or so and sending it out to the current active members of the pre-order. I will also be creating a survey on the WUS forum for everyone else to provide their input. Naturally the current plankowners’ preferences will be weighted more heavily in the overall consideration of the size of the watch.