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Discussion links open

I have opened the forum discussion links on WUS. The link to the threads can be found on the Project 300 page.

I will do my best to check-in and guide the discussion. I will be traveling to Taipei tomorrow so I may not be able to check-in until Monday but will try.

Travel notice Jul 16 – Aug 1

The office will be closed from now until Aug 2nd. The E-boutique will be open and accepting orders but we will not be able to send order acknowledgements until the 2nd of Aug.

We will try our best to answer tickets and e-mails during the vacation period but please be prepared for abnormally long delays.

Thank you for your support!

Project 300 update

I had a chance to review the size issue more closely. When I arrive at my destination I will see if I can open the discussion threads. I may not be able to send the survey out but I will try. I still expect to be able to post to
the forum from my destination.

Good news! Enough customers approved the changes to the terms of the pre-order. We will be closing the pre-order as soon as I return if not sooner.

Kingston Delivery

a short message from the road.

We have finished all non-date C3 Kingstons except for the last order which is to ship to Poland. The order going to Poland will go out the week ending Aug. 13.

We didn’t have time to begin the date dialed Kingstons yet. However the date dialed Kingstons did return from Switzerland last week so they will be waiting for me when I return.

Power outtage

I am writing this post from a friend’s house….Due to several big thunder and rain storms this afternoon we lost power at the workshop. There are about 10-12 watches we were trying to ship Saturday morning but were not able to finish them. We will have to ship on Monday assuming we get our power back by Saturday. Thank you for your understanding.