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Kingston Delivery update….

to be posted soon. Sorry for the delay. We got a couple things going on right now, in addition to the daily work, including prepping the non-date Kingstons for dispatch to the assembler. I will post a more comprehensive update by tomorrow. A lot of our supplier and contractors will begin summer holidays in about… Read More

Revising the Project 300 page…

so that we ca try to consolidate as much of the information and links to forum discussions in one location. With the Kingston project too much information was scattered within threads and just around the forum despite our use of sticky threads. When new ideas or details are adopted during the course of the forum… Read More

E-boutique back to normal

We have been updating and upgrading the software that controls the shipping and handling calculations over the last few weeks. Finally the upgrade and update is complete. However while we were working out the bugs over the last two weeks the ordering and shopping cart were not functioning entirely properly. Based on the hard work… Read More

Order Status Portal Upgrade & Outtage

The Order status portal will be inaccessible this Friday June 3rd. Although the portal should only be down for 12 hours beginning around 10 am EST access to the portal may be spotty and certain functionality may not be completely restored until Monday June 6th. I will be working through the weekend to manage the… Read More