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Vantages back in stock…

in August in our E-boutique and at

We will be sending out a notice to those on the mailing list when the watches are back on sale on the E-boutique.

New versions of the Sea Fighter…

coming in August. One version will be of the Plongeur day/date Sea Fighter that we featured last Christmas. The other will be the DLC version featured in the 2011 Wristwatch Annual.

Extended lead times and vacation

As some of you may have noticed the lead times for the pre-built watches has suddenly jumped from 4 weeks to 7. In addition certain watches have gone off the E-boutique site. There are three reasons for the changes. The original 4 week lead time, while in itself long, was intended to give me some time to prepare additional watches for assembly as we were running out of certain models. Certain models have gone off the site because we are now officially sold out of those models. Orders placed before those watches went off the site will be filled. The LRRP and Sea Fighter models that dropped off the site will not be restocked but will be replaced by new LRRP and Sea Fighter variations.

The lead time has jumped from 4 to 7 weeks because for the first time in 3 years I will be taking a vacation, sort of. Many of you will remember the health problems that I had in 2009 through 2010 and this was largely due to the workload and specifically the recession made it impossible for me to take any time to recuperate from a punishing schedule. I realize that for many Kingston customers this appears to be inopportune timing but frankly I will be more likely to maintain the current pace of shipments and improvements in our operating tempo with this break. This break has been scheduled for several months now and will not affect the announced intentions to finish the 1st and 2nd stage Kingston deliveries before the end of this calendar year and to begin the General Order deliveries in January 2012. I will be officially on vacation from July 16th through August 1st with some time added to my return to get over the jet lag.

I do intend to maintain and continue the discussions of the Project 300 during my vacation. I will be taking my Ipad and will have Internet access while I am away.

Delivery update to be…

posted here later today. Sorry for the delay in the updates. One of our European suppliers is making a trip to the US and will be here later this week for a meet and greet. We don’t receive guests very often so this means I am running around cleaning up the shop and working on watches at the same time.

An update regarding the date dialed Kingstons. The watches are expected to ship from Switzerland some time next week. We have about two more weeks, including this one, of non-date C3 watches to ship, and then can begin the date dialed Kingstons.

I am still chasing down…

a few stragglers on the Project 300 survey. The results are close but I need to get a few more people to take the survey before I can close it.

In the mean time I am checking with the case supplier and working through the size options for the next survey/poll. In addition to my previous intentions to make a bigger watch the sapphire inlay we are planning on using needs to be on average thicker than the equivalent acrylic inlay. The planned 42 mm size in part made the thickness of the sapphire inlay a non-issue. At this point I am waiting to hear back from the case supplier and my back-up sapphire inlay supplier as to the minimum thickness that the sapphire inlay has to be. After I hear back I will have a better idea of what the size options will be so that I can construct the poll.

Kingston General Ordering Opening

An e-mail will be going out over the next two days with the ordering details for those customers that submitted a deposit for the General order last year. We are doing the notifications in two batches. The first half of the General Order customers will receive the e-mail first. This will help us provide more accurate information regarding the remaining versions of the Kingstons that are available. We will begin e-mailing the second group on Friday June 24th. We are only taking orders from clients that have submitted deposits already. If we receive orders from customers that do not have a deposit on file we will be assessing a cancellation fee to cover the administrative costs of the cancellation.

We are opening the ordering now because:

A) Based on the current feedback from our Swiss assembler about their current backlog we expect lead times to be abnormally high the remainder of 2011. If we wait until Q4 of this year to finalize the selections the remaining watches will not be completed before we are ready to begin delivery in January 2012. If we dispatch the General Order customers’ selections in the next 10 weeks we expect that the watches will return by the end of Q3 of 2011 and thereby missing the holiday rush.

B) Our staffing situation will change during the summer and as a result it will take longer for us to organize these orders.

C) I anticipate that we will run out of certain dials such as the BGW9 non-date gilt dial. Opening the ordering now will allow us to confirm what is deliverable and refund deposits if a suitable alternative to anyone’s first choice cannot be allocated.

If you do not have a deposit on file for the General Order and would like to subscribe to the waiting list please fill out the form below:
[Waiting list is now closed to new subscribers]