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Sea Fighter OCN2-A pricing….

was incorrectly listed on the site. In my haste to update the site for the new pricing ahead of my trip I left out a zero in the price of the polished version of the OCN 2-A. We did receive several orders for this item but I am afraid that we will not be able to honor the orders. The high grade 2836 that is featured in this watch, alone, costs more than $78. When I return the orders will be canceled and the payments refunded. Sorry to get your hopes up. The OCN 2-A will be re-listed on the site when I get a chance to fix the pricing when I return.

On the other hand if you are interested in any of the current line-up of the Sea Fighters I would act now. The current line-up will be replaced by the Plongeur day/date Sea Fighter and a BUND I-A version in about 4 weeks. The last two iterations will be the final series in the Sea Fighter line-up before the model is retired to be re-designed (ala the Stingray).